Thursday, September 6, 2012

Readers Question on makeup and Saree Draping Course

bridetobe asks I wanted to do a basic make up and saree draping course before my wedding... any idea where i can do something like this in delhi... dont wanna spend a bomb

aah,....difficult question... I tried to find one too but couldn't....

For makeup what you can do is that a lot of makeup counters at  stores like shoppers stop, pantaloons, lifestyle, etc. offer free 'makeover' services you can ask them for one.

Show interest in their products and they themselves will tell your more about what works with your skin.
Contantly ask them questions and observe what they are doing on your face. Tell them your getting married and are looking for makeup to take you from day outings to night functions.

I went to mac to get my stuff, they have a makeup deal in a way that if you want a makeup 'trial' then you have to get products worth 4000 something but if the sales girls are free sometimes they just help you out without much fuss.

 The best way is to tell them that your looking for a foundation coz that way they have to try it on your skin anyways and just ask questions about any makeup issues that you have, if you don't know anything tell them that they will help you out. The MAC girl that I talked to was really friendly and ended up teaching me quite a lot.

Watch videos on Youtubes, many good ones are available.

and try! you must try! experiment a bit in your pre-wedding time. I am a no-makeup girl too, but now since I need to learn what works on me and what doesn't I make sure I put on make up at every available opportunity.

As for Saree Drapping there are you tube video for it as well but learning from your mom or aunts is the best way out.

Any Other suggestions girls??? 

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