Saturday, March 14, 2015

Types Of Girls You Meet in An Arranged Marriage

Well when you are having an Arranged Marriage you end up meeting a LOT of different types of Girls and Boys! Here is a fun take on the TYPES OF GIRLS YOU MEET IN AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, Just a little something to make you laugh :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Indian Wedding | Engagement Hair 2015

Engagement is the one time I think that a girl wants to look womanly yet still like a girl, the whole concept of being a 'married' woman hasn't yet sunk in and you really want to look 'young'. (Well to be honest women ALWAYS want to look young. )

Anyways Engagement is the time when you want to show that you are a 'girl', and a LOT of Brides like to opt for the 'girly' natural look.

Up until 2014 we were still trying to nail the no-makeup makeup look for weddings, but I think by the time 2015 rolled in we got a lot of expert Makeup Artist on that. What 2015 dictates is to have the hair match this All-natural look!

And what better way to do it then by a Messy Updo! Something which looks chic and fun!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Plus Size Indian Bride : Important Tips and Tricks

Don't worry you are in safe hands! Most of the times when you read a blog post about 'Plus Size' dressing you wonder whether its been written by a skinny girl, or someone who is not really 'plus size' , well I totally am, yes true I haven't crossed the size 22, but I have been in that ball park.

At present I am a Size 18-20 and my brother got married a few months back, I ended up wearing the same lehenga's I wore for my own wedding (when I was a size 12-14 ), although the eyes weren't really on me, it got me thinking how I would have managed if it had been my wedding...

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