Monday, April 29, 2013

Wedding Gowns : Would you wear them on the 'D' day?

Crazy Indian Bride asks...

A lot of girls are going in for the fairy-tale gowns for their engagement but would you consider wearing them on your Wedding Day??

Monday Morning Blues : Inspiration

Lets uplift your moods a bit on this blue Monday!

I always wanted a blue lehenga ever since I saw 'Hum dil de chukey sanam'

haha...I couldn't help sneaking in my design :P

Another one of my designs from back in college

Friday, April 26, 2013

Reinvent your Trousseau, Re-Learn to Style . CIW presents Abhilasha!

Crazy Indian Wedding Treasure Box present :


Learn from her :

Reinvent your Trousseau, Re-Learn to Style 

Hello, all the lovely readers of “The crazy Indian wedding”

Thank you so much Roli, for giving me the opportunity to interact with all your readers, pretty brides and brides to be. This post is words of wisdom from a wise old married woman (haha...just kidding) on adjustments and saris.

Marriage means different things for different people, but one common thing that every married person will tell you is that it means ADJUSTMENTS. 

Just before I got married I started dreading this word, it felt like an unknown monster that was about to consume me. It is vague and obscure, and no one could really tell me what those adjustments would be..

So fear not, I am here to spell it out for you. It is those small things for some food habits, for some sleep habits, for a lot of people mother-in-law habits and even the way that we dress sometimes requires a little tweaking.

 You can make this process as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. Pick your battles wisely, choose the things that you will not compromise and stand your ground and let go of some other minor issues.

A lot of girls are required to make adjustments to their wardrobe after marriage and often that means the inclusion of the traditional Indian sari. 

So bye bye to your individuality or sense of style? No. I think not.

The sari is the most gorgeous and most versatile piece of clothing ever.

Here is how you can inject some style and personality into it:

1   Choose the material: Opt for lighter fabrics like georgettes, chiffon, satin and net to give it a fun youthful feel.

     Play with print: Go crazy playing with prints, Masaba has turned every Indian symbol into a sari print, so can you, cow, camera, hand..go play. You can even pick unusual, more western prints like the lip print, zebra, birds, or big floral prints to add a dash of the west to your traditional Indian sari.

     Ditch the blouse: Yes, you heard me, forget about the age old habit of dutifully separating the blouse piece and running to the tailor for your matching blouse. Try wearing the sari with a shirt, t-shirt, tank top, jacket or a shrug, like I have worn here. 

     Accessorize: Go for contrasts in the colours of the accessories and even to feel. Mix a statement studs and spikes necklace to the traditional kanjeevaram.

      Shoes: Have fun with the shoes, saris don’t always have to be worn with kolhapuris. Try them with gladiators or ballerinas or pumps with a very western style.

  Looking for more style statements to make, Check out her blog on

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coming Up soon! Another Treasure your way!!

Doctors are the worst patients they say, similarly (i think) I can give great style advice but when it comes to my own style I get LOST big time and specially when the change is this big. 

Post marriage with so many changes in my life and wardrobe I am stumbling to find my style again. It took me years to get it just right and then my whole wardrobe got re-invented.

So what did I do? I consulted a specialist.

Crazy Indian Wedding Treasure Box present :


Guest Post from her on :

Reinvent your Trousseau, Re-Learn to Style 

Coming Soon....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pictorial : Mehendi Inspiration for the Minimalistic Bride

Whether your a Bride or a Sister-of-the-bride, these minimalist mehendi designs work for all!

Tiny Tip : Mother of the Brides are generally the last ones to get mehendi put and often end up getting it done hastily, how about one of these unique designs for them, will set them apart from the crowd and will be quick to put.

tiny flowers for the baby of the house

Quirky mehendi for an evening event!
Me wants!!

I like how this is like an armband, jewelry type.

Link Within

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