Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blouse Inspiration

We spends hours and hours trying to get the perfect Saree, running from one sale to another and this is what happens when we sit down with Tailor Aunties :

"Ye achi Saree ka blouse hai jo bhi fashion may hai wo bana do, iska gol gala kar do, koi magazine nahi hai?!"

and then you end up (like me) with same blouses: gol gala front and back and good ones with sweetheart neckline. How I wish I had researched!

But you lucky bride will be not as unprepared as me!

See below and get inspired!!

Above Basics
V-necks look great, get a padded blouse made like this!

you get these designs in Aunty ki Blouse wali Magazine
Not leather but a blouse cut like this is super modern!
Explaining this to tailor aunty would be a head ake though, they wont get that pointy edge of the square

Corporate saree blouse...??
Does anyone wear saree at work???
I heard a lot of recently married girls go to office in saree in the earlier days of marriage, get something like this made, makes you look so chic!

Great idea to funk up a south-india saree.
(South Indian Saree Blouses are usually boring, now I wish I had done my research first..I have boring gol galla blouses)

Long sleeve blouses...are they still in fashion, aren't they over done now...?!
 Add On's :
the latkan in between = hot, hot!

I absolutely love this and want this!

This is actually a vintage wedding gown, see the desi version below

will hide...eerrr...big biceps (*flab*)....and you still get to wear sleeveless!
Add a bow to the back!

add little latkans all around the waist! works best with a net or transparent saree

Blouse and yet not a Blouse


Corset Blouse!!
Hides the tummy for all you shy girls!
Love this blouse! 


  1. Even I am in Love with Nargis metallic blouse.. I would like to have something like this in my closet someday.. :D I liked lakan wala blouses too.. just need a occassion to wear such things...

    1. Any idea where to buy it from??
      Frankly I am surprised that it has no sasta-copy of it yet anywhere, or does it? any idea??

    2. If you do find out, let me know too! Some serious love for the saree and the blouse!!

  2. Nice Blog :)

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  3. I saw your post at IFB!

    Good work!


  4. FAB inspiration... The corset blouse is the best amongst all it gives the rich look and the latkan in the middle of the blouse goes very classic.

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