Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!

CIW Treasure Box first treasure was a GIVEAWAY!!

I was surprised with all the answers, I knew (and hoped) that you all did read my blog and not just browsed pictures, I am so pleasantly surprised that I do have genuine readers.

I am guilty of browsing pictures first and then deciding if I want to read a blog or not. Must learn from you lot, will be a better reader now.

Well the answer (which you lot already knew) was  Forest Essentials Pistachio, Orange Peels and Fresh Jagger.


you were the first one to guess!
Please email me your address on

Note to Self : Must not underestimate readers! Next Giveaway will be harder :P

In other news FACEBOOK page has crossed 500 likes!! Ye!! About to cross 600 now!


CIW Treasure Box second Treasure was The Rajkumari Collection! Buy it HERE!!


Another Treasure coming soon!! Keep Reading!!

1 comment:

  1. Is this me??
    Can't believe my eyes... My first ever prize in blogging world... yippeeee.. Hosting a giveaway gives you good feeling but winning a giveaway gives you superb feel.. :-)
    First things are always cherished.. Thanks a lot....


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