Friday, April 12, 2013

Sun and the Bride

While our counter parts on the other side of the world spend hours in the sun trying to get the perfect 'Bronze' look for their wedding, we stay indoors trying to avoid it at all cost!

What should a Bride do??

1. Use sunscreen Every single day, even if your on a self imposed curfew.
Because something or the other WILL happen and you'll have to step out of the house for a few minutes and that is enough for Mr. Sun to start the damage.

2. Carry Sunscreen at ALL times!
Sunscreen looses it effects after 2 hours, I recently learnt this by an Article on Makeup Beauty Lounge . So re-appyling is a MUST! Also it must be 30-50spf.

3. Keep Sunscreen Every where.
Last year when I was in my pre-bridal stage I had sunscreen kept in the car, at my dressing table, at my mom's dressing table and one in my purse. So even if I forgot to put it, it was easily accessible to me.

4. Umbrella, dupatta, sun glasses.
Carry everything and anything that can be used to cover you up!

So What happens when the sun does get to you...

Try Home made De-tanning packs. See How to make them at

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  1. its sssooo HOT outside.. I don't want to think what next 2months will be when summers will be at peak... Sunscreen and water is only saviors..


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