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Vogue Wedding show : The Visit

Wow, I can't seem to sit down and get myself to write the review. Still so exited and overwhelmed by The VOGUE WEDDING SHOW. 

Vogue Wedding show was full of energetic, electric energy. Its difficult to say whether the people involved create that energy in the event or the event does that to them...

I was greeted at the entrance with a host to show us around, which was great because then you don't miss out on anything. Plus I was strapped with a vogue wedding show band.

There were 2 halls divided into:
1. Shahajahan : Wedding Planners, gift items, Gift registry, Photographers and Cards
2. Durbar : Bridal Wear and Jewelry

We visited the Shahajahan First,

There were a LOT of gift stalls that offered amazing gifts for your guests, but I am guessing most of my readers like me would probably not think of gold plated ganeshji's and sparkling champagne glasses as thank you or invitation gifts, so I skipped those. (Although if I do have readers like that then please can I have an invitation to your wedding ;P )

Forest Essentials :
Trying to not lose my head and keep it simple I walked around and was meet by this great representative at
Forest Essentials. I had always been a bit hesitant at entering the Forest Essential stores in and around Delhi, and didn't really know, even when I entered, what I should ask for.

The representative there asked me to pick out any one from 3 descriptive statements about my personality. Once I picked one out she said that I have fire as my element, and then went on the describing how my skin functions and other aspects of my personality in such accuracy that it made me wonder if I am at a beauty stall or an astrologist?!?

I was later handed a little gift hamper and a brochure:

Pistachio, Orange Peels and Fresh Jaggery Collection
Review on this, once I use it.....or maybe a review FROM YOU on this soon! (*Hint, Hint*)

The brochure opens up like a wedding card, and each leaflet has a description of a wedding event.
With the last 2 describing on how Forest Essential offers pre-bridal or bridal package for you.

A destination wedding wonder, The lady present Adele was from Cape town (one of the places I went on my honeymoon ) so we were more excited on exchanging notes about cape town than on the destination wedding.
However I did learn...If you do have tons of money and would love a great destination wedding then I recommend 'Reethirah' in Maldives, super romantic! See the website at for all choices.

Ferns n Petals:
Whats an Indian Wedding without flowers. Known for there flower arrangements Ferns n Petals have now entered full stream wedding planning.

I want a stage like that!!!
Image taken from the Ferns and Petals website, see it at

DLF Emporio Gift Registry:
1. Login to
2. Make a free account
3. Choose your wishlist
4. Send wishlist to friends and family via email
5. Cross your fingers
6. Receive the gifts you like on your doorsteps!

Yes it is that simple! and does the name 'Emporio' gives your wallet nightmare, and you can't imagine asking your relatives to buy you such expensive gifts, well don't worry many of them are not over-the-top-crazy-expensive, I mean they do have an over 1L Bottega Veneta bag but its right next to a Rs. 2,500 Abraham & Thakore tunic.

So is gift registry catching on in India?? 

A bit of yes and no, while we still stick to a traditional shagun ka lifafa, the upper middle class NRI Aunties and Uncles are more than happy to login and send a gift straight to your doorsteps. So yes gift registry will catch up but till then for those of you with big pocketed uncles be happy to be in the exclusive club of Gift Registry.

(PS : The girls at the DLF stall were supper sweet, both volunteers at the event and readers of the blog, they seemed extremely excited! <3 to both Deepali and Kiran :) )

Vivek Sahni Design

This was the prettiest card I saw.
Picture taken from their facebook page, see more at
Their range of cards start at Rs. 350 and up...they did however have a very simple, pretty butterfly card  priced at Rs. 280. If I knew about it earlier it would have been my wedding card! 
My visiting card also looks like that!

On to Darbar: Wedding clothing!


First stall on the left the neon colored pashmina's caught my eye. 

Yes these are pashmina's not saree!
Having worked with pashmina's while working for a designer I had never seen or imagined such pretty colored pashmina!!! Starting from a range of 12k they are available at DLF Emporio.

They do have a website, but when asked if they have pictures of the garments on the site the reply is " We have a page for that...aaand that's about it"

Take my word for it, instead of buying loads of boring traditional pashmina's that will remain zipped up in the bags they came, buy a fun neon one like this! Wear it with a boring saree to jazz it up, on top of denims, on a pre-wedding function to keep you warm and still looking like a vibrant bride!

Between Stalls
 you could see all men of the family sitting and looking uncomfortable, while munching on some great food.

Me randomly posing, proof that I was there :P

While Suneet Verma, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and Tarun Tahiliani seemed no where to be seen, there stalls were pretty open to walk into. 

Abu Jani and Sandeep khosla had the most amazing lehenga on display with each panel of the lehenga bit different from another, what held them together was the amazing traditional Zardozi work on them. But I am not sure if its wedding-y I did like it in terms of a fashion-enthusiast-who-loves-all-things-traditional, but for a modern girl it might be a bit over the top. However every traditional bride must take a look at it!!
( Didn't click a picture and cant seem to find one online, if I do I will certainly link it to the blog!)

Sandeep Khosla Although I entered the stall to look at his lovely collection my eye caught onto Judith Lieber clutches and well what can I say I was enchanted by the blingy-eye-catchy-pretty-things, Judith Lieber representative explains that they have a collaboration with Sandeep Khosla for shows such as this, they mostly show together and Sandeep Khosla design's a range for them. So if your buying a sandeep khosla design ask what he suggests from the Judith Lieber range. 

Tarun Tahiliani known as the best businessman among designers, his lehenga's were probably the most expensive of all. With bridal range starting at 10L! and a simple lehenga which I would probably only consider wearing at mehendi or sangeet was priced at 4L.

I am not sure these are the prices a lot of people are ready to pay. However I guess I do not have much  knowledge in this topic since the representative present said they were pretty happy with the business they have been getting and have had a lot of appointment.
I loved a red lehenga with peacock details...priced at 14L! :O , some expensive taste I have ;) 

Pallavi Jaikishan was packing up her stall when I reached so missed out on that :(

Anamika Khanna she had just finished with an appointment when I reached and looked exhausted. There was no need to go through her designs to know them, Anyone who knows Anamika's designs knows that each piece is a beauty. I left her stall not with fashion advice but with marriage advice instead, we got into chat about husbands and wife's, the bliss of post marriage, and how long that lasts.

I love keeping the Best Things for the end :


I am really ok around celebrities, and take the you-are-famous-so-what attitude towards them. Only once I was dumbfounded when faced with Amitabh Bachchan and today I was dumbfounded again when faced with Sabyasachi.

I walked in to his stall, look to the left and see him sitting there and I stare shamelessly no words come to my mind, when he realizes there is a silly girl in his stall staring at him he smiles back, I think "I am too overwhelmed to see you that I can't speak"  no, actually I SAY that to him and then I started random rambling " I studied fashion, I am a blogger, I saw your show once, can I take a look around?" Thankfully I am saved by a customer coming in. I look around say goodbye and leave.

I understand now why some brides leave it all to Sabyasachi to do the complete designing, its because in his presence everything else goes out of your mind and its difficult to concentrate on what you want.

As for his lehenga's, everything was perfect but I loved this really nice Fresh Red Lehenga with Pearl and Ari work. Absolutely love and want it!

The Wedding Design Company

They had the best display! Imagine having a family dinner on this gorgeous table!

A big huge table like you see in Hollywood movies!

The flowers that they use are all Indian, Mogra, Birds of paradise, etc. No orchids or lily's.
It was an amazing site to look at...I could just imagine the whole wedding around that one table.

Thats there Visiting Card!
Visit there site at 


  1. ur looking so cute .... nice fun experience you ve had ! :)

  2. Amazzingly described.... was a treat to read it :)

  3. Lucky you!! you met the great designer himself.. and all the stalls look soo pretty..

  4. Man! Looked like you had a good time! Kickass! And haha! I loved the random mumbles upon seeing Sabyasachi!! Hahahaha!

  5. Thanks for given us such a beautiful pictures to shown us we are also providing wedding planner at affordable price visit our website to know best offers


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