Saturday, December 29, 2012

Journey of 8 months

Post engagement the only project I had was the wedding, unlike many girls I didn't really want or imagined a huge wedding but some how the whole event ended up being a huge big fat Indian Wedding.

I think it was actually on the day post the wedding did me and my family realize that all we wanted was a cozy 200-250 people wedding in the beginning of the 8 months and ended up with a huge event of 1500+ at the end.

But was it fun?!...HUGE! people say they have been loving the food, the decoration, the planning of all events,etc.,etc....and above all me and the boy enjoyed every moment of it!

8 Months of our life me and my family were fully dedicated to just planning the wedding events and it payed out in the end!

All earlier post are the result of extensive search that went during these 8 months.

Here are few for re-cap :

1. Modern Brides 16 Singar :
I started research on this because I always wanted to be a traditional bride. Since the day I posted I go "OMG!" every day!
Thank you readers for making this the most read article on this blog!

2. Finding the perfect Lehenga :
(some post might need a little editing as my knowledge has increased a lot since I wrote them)

Looking through a lot of shops :

Going through Inspiration all over the internet :

3. Shopping!

4. Hair Care, Hairstyle's and ornaments!

5. Skin Care and home remedies

Coming up next : Wedding week!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding File 1 : How it all began... Engagement

We call it the wedding year instead of a wedding day because the first time the marriage proposal came up was 1st of Jan 2012 and now as the year turns to an end I look back.....

This blog has been pretty much more advised based than personal however since many readers do love to know the real picture behind the words for the next few post its all about how the events turned out...


The engagement happened within 2 weeks of the final 'yes' and the first thing I did once the engagement date was finalized was to go to Frontier Raas. Not having time in my hand meant that I had no chance to experiment, I did however peek into Roshans and Ushak maal in South Ex. but I knew I will defiantly find something at Frontier and I did!

After looking at 30-40 lehengha's, trying on 10-15 of them and sitting there for 3 hours ( ! ) I finally found something appropriate.


As for makeup, my cousin had recently gotten married and my bhabhi's makeup artist had done an amazing job. She has been able to make her look pretty and girlish unlike few which make the bride look old and aunty-ish. I am a no-makeup makeup girl and was more than happy when she got the makeup right for the occasion.


Photography was an issue right upto the end. I wasn't much informed back then on the 'famous' candid photographers and the only one we came across was too expensive.

 Lost and confused we went to the only place we knew, the place where we used to get our passport pictures from!

Our final decisions was even if we dont get a great photographer atleast we will have memories of that day.

When the pictures and the video came out no one could be more surprised than us! Each and every picture was clicked beautifully. My video has been the most amazing and loved among all. They gave us memories which probably a candid photographer wouldn't.

They ended up covering my wedding too and it was then we saw how wrong we judged them. They are actually VERY professional and every single event was covered to perfection.


1. Since we were suppose to reach before the boy side we had everything planned accordingly. however my makeup artist got stuck in a traffic jam and we were delayed by half n hour...the result we reached just 5 minutes before them! and I had to run to hide!

2. I wasn't suppose to attend the first event so I was in a room hidden from view, but I did have a small opening from where I could peek out from to see whats going on!

3. I had decided the menu so I knew there will be mini pizza's out there I got my brother to send in some while I was sitting inside. Plus during the event everytime my sister's would take any snack they formed a semi circle around me and feed me a bite each so no one could see! that way I tasted almost everything I asked for!

4. While sitting down for lunch I was worried how I would eat with so many people's attention on me but my mausi gave me confidence and told me to eat and not think of anything or anyone since she couldn't during her wedding events because she was conscious and still regrets that, so I eat and enjoyed! advice to all brides-to-be: Remember to eat properly at all your events, no one is going to tell you not to eat and don't let there be a memory of you not eating and wishing that you did!

What followed post that event was the formation of this this was just like a pre-sequel....back soon with other events....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I don't know where to begin my posts...thoughts and events are all jumbled up.... I guess its safe to say your all waiting for pictures and anecdotes, and wondering why I haven't left for my honeymoon and am still sitting in Delhi blogging.

Well pictures have arrived, there are sooo many of them!
Off to South Africa  in a few days, so posting today only and then I guess I will be back on the blog by mid to end December.

Here are the list of things that are in store for you next :

1.  March Informal Roka and Engagement
2. Journey of 8 months (which you have pretty much read about)
3. Pooja
4. Tilak
5. Haldi
6. Mehendi
7. Wedding
8. Days post wedding as the new CRAZY INDIAN BAHU
9. Trip to South Africa
10. Skin and health care post wedding
and a LOT more!!!

and some teasers for you :

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will be back soon!!!

Been a week since the wedding, will be back soon !!! Keep an eye out on the blog!

PS: have received the unedited pictures already!!

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