Monday, January 19, 2015

Wedding's not on the Ground Floor?!

I have attended 2 weddings this season where the function was held at the top floor and the 1st floor. While having a terrace wedding or a closed banquet wedding has a charm of its own I felt that both of them lacked one thing :

The Grand Entry of the Baraat.

The whole visual looks great when the Baraat comes to the venue and they are dancing on the gate, the Bride's family is waiting impatiently for them to come in already! And then someone from the grooms side pulls someone from the Bride's side to dance and within minutes everyone is dancing! That feeling of pure joy and happiness is one of the great moments of a wedding.

However when the wedding is held at a hotel terrace top, or any other floor; the dancing gets restricted. A lot of hotels don't really 'allow' dancing or loud music within the premises, and honestly a 'Baraat dance' happens ONLY on a Dhol! 

The other disadvantage that I see is that the whole baarat can't reach at the same time; so you had your dancing on the road right outside the Hotel and now its time to enter, a few take the lift, the other stairs, the end result is not everyone can reach at the same time and lets face it, most relatives are more interested in eating then assembling near the door so they can enter with the groom. So either a close family member should go up and instruct clearly that everyone wait and enter together or give everyone prior instructions....well if you know big Indian families you know its not really possible.

I dunno if I like the idea of a Terrace wedding or a different floor wedding; there is certain grace to it, but some issues as well.

Comment below and tell me what your thoughts are I would really like to know...


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