Thursday, November 28, 2013

Obsession : Perfect Eyebrow

I find myself obsessing over something new every fortnight.

Be it perfect nailart, colored mehendi,  Kajal, the double winged eyeliner or just the perfect Bindi.  This time I am obsessing over The Perfect Eyebrow.

After all a Bride has to look perfect head-to-toe.

Apparently your eyebrows are also suppose to be according to your face structure, I never gave it so much of thought.

Exhibition Alert! Celebrating Vivaha, November 2013

Press Note

Date : 29th November – 1st December
Place : Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi 
Time : 11am – 7pm

Mayyur R Girotra Couture

We are happy to announce once again the 13th edition of Asia’s largest and most luxurious wedding exhibition, “Celebrating Vivaha 2013” with leading names from the fashion, lifestyle and the wedding industry. Celebrating Vivaha is a platform to deliver the real value by successfully targeting the right customers as well as the discerning consumers who have vast spending power and are frequent purchasers of high quality of wedding collections. This event will showcase an array of exquisite trousseau and jewellery collections and services from top designers and wedding facilitators are on display at this grand do.

Redefining the concept of weddings and wedding exhibitions in India,Celebrating Vivaha has been one show that all brides (as well as exhibiting companies) know they can count on for a first class affair that offers them anything and everything they may need, to plan their dream wedding. The show features fabulous exhibits and the latest ideas in wedding couture and jewellery.

With the passing of each year, Celebrating Vivaha has turned bigger and better than before, both in terms of quality and quantity of participants. CEO, Mr Tarun Sarda says, “When we launched Celebrating Vivaha in 2003, I decided to test the wedding market of the country. I have endeavoured to redefine the concept of weddings and wedding exhibitions in India withCelebrating Vivaha. Spurred on by my domestic successes, I plucked the courage to take Celebrating Vivaha international. My aim now is to reach out to more and more people, and get a variety of entrepreneurs directly involved in the business of weddings.” In addition to the best of brands and designers,Celebrating Vivaha has added several cities in its ambit.

More and more people are going in for an extra-lavish celebration and have no qualms spending big bucks to make their wedding an affair to remember; and why not – it is after all once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Sagrika Mittal Goya

Participating in the exhibition are: Mayyur R Girotra Couture, Sagrika Mittal Goyal, Parul & Ashie, Sanzany, Portfolio Studio, Sunil Jewellers – Jaipur, Kaisha by Shalini, Raj kapoor Invitations, Kirans Bridal, Megha & Amit Sanger, Palak Raheja, Amour by Sriroopa, Cappuccino Jewels, Samridhhi Jewels Treasure, , Diamond Tree, Vastr, Shree Ram Jewellers, Kimatra, Hazzarra, Vikas Puri Photography, Gehna Jewels, Studio Dream Collections, Koncept & Innovations, Admire, Opium, Luv Israni, Rasberrie, Zari Silk – Jaipur, Moments, Baba Jewellers, Inaara by Chitra Aggarwal, Bharti's , Carat & Carbon, Sri Lakshmi Creations, Ankita Kalyan,Raniwala Jewellers, CTC Mall, Horizons, Rumi Creations, Mehak Creations, Ashirwad Sarees, Prithviraj Jewellers

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Help me!

I used to have perfect skin in terms of tanning, it would be slightly tanned over the summers and even that would go away naturally as winter approached.

Now, my skin is bored of being in a similar color palette through out the year! Any time I go out anywhere I get tanned in all different shades!

Remember my fight with tanning post South Africa and Goa, Read here

Well, we are back from Bangkok and Pattaya and my skin has changed colors again! Even our families are now confused, because, even if we go out anywhere in a group its just me and my husband who come back in a new tanned look and nobody else.

Thailand, Day 1 and Day 6

Every time the type of tanning is also different! South Africa was more undertone-changing-tan (read the above mentioned article), Goa was all over Indian tanned and Thailand is patchy tanned (yucky).

I am a bit guilty of not using sunscreen all the time but even if people who are with us don't they don't get as tanned as we do :/

Wedding seasons here and I want my skin back.


PS: A few days back I went to the market for like 10 min I was wearing a suit and my chunni was hanging in the normal way, like it makes a U-shape in the front. When I came back I noticed my hands got a little tanned and you could actually see the untanned skin making a circular pattern of the chunni! *facepalm*

Monday, November 25, 2013

You have received a Gift.

Been a year since the wedding, sometimes its hard to believe a whole year has gone by.
An anniversary surprise for my readers :)

Nov. 24, 2012

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pictorial: Festive Album!

So many things happened over the last month! Its easier to talk about them all via pictures.

Karva Chauth

Went home day before karva chauth in a red saree all decked up, only to tell my mom that I am wearing my chudidar below the saree so I can change into a kurta immediately, which eventually I didn't.

Next day morning got up at 4am, washed my face, brushed and staggered down the stairs to eat 'sargi'. My mother doesn't do Sargi so I had no idea what to do, after a lot of instructions the day before I managed to do it alright. (I guess). Eat and drank water as much as I possibly could in the whee hours of the morning (read not much).

Finally went back to sleep at 5. Got up a few hours later and got dressed really slowly. Wore an Anarkali during the day to keep things simple.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I miss writing updates, I remember how I used to do it once in a few months to keep you guys updated on my wedding progress.

My Wedding Update : In double digits now!

So my brand is picking up pace but I might have to give it a halt for couple of months, November and December are both pretty busy months for me. November is too much travelling and in December I have my final semester exams for MBA (yes I will begin whining again.)

First Anniversary is coming up (!), and I have something special planned for you lot, if I can figure out the technicality of it all.

Finally decided on our 2nd honeymoon destination! Going to Bangkok and Pattaya tomorrow :D. We will be back before our actual 1st anni. date, will celebrate on the D-day with family.

I am trying to schedule posts for when I am out but since the idea just struck me I dunno if I will be able to...*fingers crossed*

Crazy Indian Bride

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trousseau Destination : Biba

Yes, Biba.

I never thought I would ever write an article stating Biba as a trousseau destination, no they havnt gone all 'bridal', but their anarkali's and suits are perfect to wear at your new home, to a family dinner or a small cocktail party. For a newly wed they have come as an answer to what to wear, without being overly dressy.

I was so excited when I saw the ad stating 'Biba by Rohit Bal', Finally I could own a Rohit Bal, so I went asap to the store! :P

Unfortunately I already have an over stuffed wardrobe so I keep my price range in check, so no Rohit Bal for me yet, plus he is famous for enormous amount of flare which I wanted but it doesn't look flattering on me.

That doesn't mean I was totally disappointed, Biba also has a great range of itself. It is certainly a must check out!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To the November Bride 2013,

Dear Bride-to-be,

Congratulations! You are on one of life's most amazing journeys. Waking up every morning visualizing how your wedding day will be, getting tensed if your lehenga would come out just perfect, if the MUA would deliver like she promised, will the mehendi-wali be on time!? and then getting goosebumps when you get that 'goodmorning' message from your fiance, yes you have someone you can call that, fiance...are you used to it?
Been saying, "Hi, have you meet my fiance?" Blushing anyone? Smiling for sure! Well don't get too used to it, very soon you are going to have to learn to say "Have you meet my husband?"

November means wedding month for a lot of girls, so what do you do when the D-day is approaching?! Its a difficult mind set to be in, you are so excited to have the best day of your life and so scared that something might ruin it. You can't wait to be with the 'one', and you want just a few more months at your home, YOUR home, the home you grew up in. On the other side there is a complete new world waiting for you.

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