Thursday, November 14, 2013


I miss writing updates, I remember how I used to do it once in a few months to keep you guys updated on my wedding progress.

My Wedding Update : In double digits now!

So my brand is picking up pace but I might have to give it a halt for couple of months, November and December are both pretty busy months for me. November is too much travelling and in December I have my final semester exams for MBA (yes I will begin whining again.)

First Anniversary is coming up (!), and I have something special planned for you lot, if I can figure out the technicality of it all.

Finally decided on our 2nd honeymoon destination! Going to Bangkok and Pattaya tomorrow :D. We will be back before our actual 1st anni. date, will celebrate on the D-day with family.

I am trying to schedule posts for when I am out but since the idea just struck me I dunno if I will be able to...*fingers crossed*

Crazy Indian Bride

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