Saturday, December 29, 2012

Journey of 8 months

Post engagement the only project I had was the wedding, unlike many girls I didn't really want or imagined a huge wedding but some how the whole event ended up being a huge big fat Indian Wedding.

I think it was actually on the day post the wedding did me and my family realize that all we wanted was a cozy 200-250 people wedding in the beginning of the 8 months and ended up with a huge event of 1500+ at the end.

But was it fun?!...HUGE! people say they have been loving the food, the decoration, the planning of all events,etc.,etc....and above all me and the boy enjoyed every moment of it!

8 Months of our life me and my family were fully dedicated to just planning the wedding events and it payed out in the end!

All earlier post are the result of extensive search that went during these 8 months.

Here are few for re-cap :

1. Modern Brides 16 Singar :
I started research on this because I always wanted to be a traditional bride. Since the day I posted I go "OMG!" every day!
Thank you readers for making this the most read article on this blog!

2. Finding the perfect Lehenga :
(some post might need a little editing as my knowledge has increased a lot since I wrote them)

Looking through a lot of shops :

Going through Inspiration all over the internet :

3. Shopping!

4. Hair Care, Hairstyle's and ornaments!

5. Skin Care and home remedies

Coming up next : Wedding week!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding File 1 : How it all began... Engagement

We call it the wedding year instead of a wedding day because the first time the marriage proposal came up was 1st of Jan 2012 and now as the year turns to an end I look back.....

This blog has been pretty much more advised based than personal however since many readers do love to know the real picture behind the words for the next few post its all about how the events turned out...


The engagement happened within 2 weeks of the final 'yes' and the first thing I did once the engagement date was finalized was to go to Frontier Raas. Not having time in my hand meant that I had no chance to experiment, I did however peek into Roshans and Ushak maal in South Ex. but I knew I will defiantly find something at Frontier and I did!

After looking at 30-40 lehengha's, trying on 10-15 of them and sitting there for 3 hours ( ! ) I finally found something appropriate.


As for makeup, my cousin had recently gotten married and my bhabhi's makeup artist had done an amazing job. She has been able to make her look pretty and girlish unlike few which make the bride look old and aunty-ish. I am a no-makeup makeup girl and was more than happy when she got the makeup right for the occasion.


Photography was an issue right upto the end. I wasn't much informed back then on the 'famous' candid photographers and the only one we came across was too expensive.

 Lost and confused we went to the only place we knew, the place where we used to get our passport pictures from!

Our final decisions was even if we dont get a great photographer atleast we will have memories of that day.

When the pictures and the video came out no one could be more surprised than us! Each and every picture was clicked beautifully. My video has been the most amazing and loved among all. They gave us memories which probably a candid photographer wouldn't.

They ended up covering my wedding too and it was then we saw how wrong we judged them. They are actually VERY professional and every single event was covered to perfection.


1. Since we were suppose to reach before the boy side we had everything planned accordingly. however my makeup artist got stuck in a traffic jam and we were delayed by half n hour...the result we reached just 5 minutes before them! and I had to run to hide!

2. I wasn't suppose to attend the first event so I was in a room hidden from view, but I did have a small opening from where I could peek out from to see whats going on!

3. I had decided the menu so I knew there will be mini pizza's out there I got my brother to send in some while I was sitting inside. Plus during the event everytime my sister's would take any snack they formed a semi circle around me and feed me a bite each so no one could see! that way I tasted almost everything I asked for!

4. While sitting down for lunch I was worried how I would eat with so many people's attention on me but my mausi gave me confidence and told me to eat and not think of anything or anyone since she couldn't during her wedding events because she was conscious and still regrets that, so I eat and enjoyed! advice to all brides-to-be: Remember to eat properly at all your events, no one is going to tell you not to eat and don't let there be a memory of you not eating and wishing that you did!

What followed post that event was the formation of this this was just like a pre-sequel....back soon with other events....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I don't know where to begin my posts...thoughts and events are all jumbled up.... I guess its safe to say your all waiting for pictures and anecdotes, and wondering why I haven't left for my honeymoon and am still sitting in Delhi blogging.

Well pictures have arrived, there are sooo many of them!
Off to South Africa  in a few days, so posting today only and then I guess I will be back on the blog by mid to end December.

Here are the list of things that are in store for you next :

1.  March Informal Roka and Engagement
2. Journey of 8 months (which you have pretty much read about)
3. Pooja
4. Tilak
5. Haldi
6. Mehendi
7. Wedding
8. Days post wedding as the new CRAZY INDIAN BAHU
9. Trip to South Africa
10. Skin and health care post wedding
and a LOT more!!!

and some teasers for you :

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will be back soon!!!

Been a week since the wedding, will be back soon !!! Keep an eye out on the blog!

PS: have received the unedited pictures already!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Follow for Live Feed!!

Being a Bride So far is not so hectic

Although Blogging because a little problematic so I will be tweeting more

To Know about events from the eye's of the bride Follow Twitter handle @crazyindianwedd

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wedding Function : Pooja part 1

Craziness starts today! I am kind of enjoying sitting back and relaxing while I see my family members running around getting the house ready for the pooja.

Wedding jitters have finally set in. I was numb since the last few weeks but I guess seeing a big tent erected in front of your home kind of puts things in perspective. So every time I feel I am going numb I peek outside at the tent.

Its kind of exciting seeing your home all decked up knowing that behind the beautiful outdoors there are hidden wardrobe stuffed with things that shouldn't be seen.

Of Chocolate Wax, Malai and Dentist..

Chocolate Wax :

Waxing has always been my arch enemy. My mom thankfully enrolled me for a laser treatment the minute I was eligible.

Even after laser getting chocolate wax is advisable since laser can not remove tiny light color hairs and wax helps with that as well as removes suntan! Plus the advantage of chocolate wax over normal one is it makes your skin baby soft!

Malai :

Ah! the advantage of Indian home remedies. How blessed are we when our mom knows exactly what to do to make our skin softer with things in her kitchen.

You all know all about uptan right!? I did a post on it a few months back in case you forgot check here .
Well just add malai of Full cream milk in it. You will fall in love with your skin!

Dentist :

Even though we take care of our teeth the best way possible a little help doesn't hurt. Visit a dentist atleast a week before the functions for a clean up!

Warning : My dentist has advised me against bleaching as it can cause 'challa' in the mouth. So consult a good dentist incase you need bleaching badly otherwise please avoid!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Readers Question : Skincare


I was trying to search for almost everything related to Pre Bridals and stumbled upon your blog.

My wedding is in first week of Feb, but ever since the date has been decided my skin has started to behave weirdly O.o 

There are very tiny pimples (something like those) on my face although I've never ever had acne or pimple problems :(

Moreover, when should I start taking pre bridal treatments from? My skin tone is husky but I wanna improve my complexion and skin quality. What should I do?

Please Help me.

For Pre-bridal I recommend that you ask who ever is doing your bridal makeup. Because they have to handle your skin on the D day so they will be the best person to guide you.

Incase you havn't decided that yet then try to go to salons that you have been going from before and are satisfied with their work.

If you don't have a fixed salon then don't take risk, go to reputed ones like Looks in Noida or Lakme in M block GK or Affinity, any salon with a good reputation.

I started my pre-bridal 4 months before the wedding. But it all depends on your skin and your budget. But since your breaking out it good to have atleast a clean up or a facial once a month if not the whole package. 

I know of girls who just take there regular clean ups every month, a regular mani-pedi and then just take a single sitting of the whole pre-bridal package and still have the bridal 'glow'. 

 If your hair is dry or damaged then you might need a hair spa treatment otherwise just take a facial/cleanup for your face and decide the rest upon your budget.

Also try home remedies such as : Uptan or a cucumber face pack,,, I did a whole post on this you can read here :
Also read the comments..other readers have given further advice on it!

and my normal skin care regime is given here, I actually used a number of products and the post contains only those that helped me, I don't take a lot of risk since my skin is very sensitive :

Also Malai helps, just put it on for 15 min and wash it of, skin becomes super soft and 'chikni'. I strongly recommend Garnier Body Cocoon for softer skin or Johnson and Johnson's baby Oil.

 Make sure that you use creams and Oils during winters! 
Dink a lot of water and keep your self healthy! T

he way to a good skin is to have a healthy well cared skin, whatever the color maybe. Try out home remedies since they are safer and less prone to having a negative reaction.

Also don't worry! 

Girls any other advice?!?

Notice /Update/ I am not sure

Posts will be irregular, all over the place and some times won't make sense.

Please bare with me while I try to keep the bridzilla in me under control.

I do feel guilty of leaving you guys in the middle but will be back soon with regular posts on all wedding updates including what I wore and things that happened.

In other news :

The whole dance sequence has been trashed, updated and bye bye 2 months of practice and welcome 3 days crash course of dance.

One of my sister refuses to dance so now I have to find backups...thank god for friends!

I have just realized that I am the only one among family and extended family which has not thought of any dress to wear for the Pooja, will nick something from the trousseau.

I am not packed, havn't started, don't have a plan.....thinking of stuffing everything in a suitcase and just sending all the stuff to in-laws.

Need a good vacation, couple of days in Agra??? anyone free (mom?!)

Things are a little calm.....which is weird I thought they would be a little panicked instead, but thats good.

Other good news is that my nails are co-operating and I haven't broken them yet ( 2 glasses of milk everyday helps and switching from querty to touch phones helps). Touch wood!

I am not gaining weight (neither am I losing it).

Overhead at a Salon :

Why do people who are just guest, mind you not close family but more like 'shakarpur kay chachaji ke chotey baytey ki sali' feel they are as important as the bride and demand to get their makeup done via the bride's own Make up Artist (MUA).

Follow on Twitter for Constant Updates! 

Home Decor for the Wedding

"Ghar ko dulhan ki tarah sajao" becames a famous line near Diwali and its more prominent when there is a wedding that follows it!

An Indian wedding requires the house to dress up as well!

You can use either :

No wedding is complete without flowers! Just make sure if your using floral decoration then use the real ones on the D-day only, so that you don't have to keep buying fresh flowers everyday and otherwise we have such lovely artificial flowers available in the market at all rates!

Earthen pots and Flowering Plants

Potted plants are ofcourse the most environmental friendly way of decorating your home for the wedding. You can choose from having plain soil colored pots to load colorful ones!

or just add these decorative things around the house

Potted flowers can ofcourse vary but I personally recoomend Genda phool coz they dont welt easily and stay 'in bloom' for a longer period of time


Drapes doesnt mean just curtains, although do make sure your curtains are pretty and clean. Drapes means drapping layers of fabric across the house front to make it look festive. Ask your tent guy for this. It is the 'in' thing to do!

Colorful Lanterns

Or to make your home a fun place add a lot of colorful lanterns!!!

Add colors all around the house!
Follow a theme or just have a mix of loud jewel colours.

'Shadi ka ghar' should look like one!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OMG! 30,000+


Thank you readers for 30,000+ views till date!

Will try to write more soon, wedding madness in full swing!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mehendi Outfit

Remember the mehendi outfit that I was making myself! well its stitched and ready :D

Cant't wait to show it to you guys.

Will follow it up with how I made it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Saree : Readers Question

" I stumbled upon ur blog while browsing through the internet. Must say, you’ve posted amazingly informative stuff out there. They are really helpful for someone like me who really has to start from scratch when it comes to shadi and beauty related stuff.

 I have a question and was wondering if you could help me out. It’s my sister’s wedding next month, and I want to design a saree for myself. Basically, get the fabric and kinaris and assemble something! And I am looking to find some place where I can get those heavy designer blouses (Want to keep the saree simple though). Please let me know if you know places where I can go for the above mentioned stuff. Also, is it doable? Have never done this before.

Thanks a lot! And wishing you the best for your wedding "

Yes its totally doable, infact I have made some of my trousseau saree's myself and even gifted a few to my sister and my would be sister-in-law.

Here is a list of places you'll get everything you need from:
(Hope your from Delhi/NCR, because thats the place I know most about)

Fabric :

 Lajpat Nagar : There is a whole Gali which has fabric wala's. Don't remember the name of the shop from where I purchased but its Opposite 3C lane may 'corner wali shop'

Nehru Place : Good for getting plane fabric (but would recommend going to Lajpat)

For a Saree try Fabrics like : 

Georgette Brocade  (also called Khadi silk, pronounced kha-dee silk)
Silk Satin
Mukesh Work Georgette (you get this already embroidered at a good rate)
Chiffon with some embroidery

Here are pictures for your reference :
Georgette Brocade

Mukesh Work Georgette
Light Mukesh Work

You can combine them as : 

Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and have pure silk satin as the palla 
Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and having mukesh work Georgette/chiffon as palla
Mixing Georgette brocade as the pleat fabric and Crepe as the palla
Using Only Mukesh Work Georgette (looks really nice, I made a saree of only this fabric in Emerald green)
Only Chiffon with some embroidery (you get already embroidered fabric at these shops)
Only Crepe (the colors come out really pretty in this so it can be used alone but it can end up looking a bit plain)

NOTE : Take fabric for facing as well! around 2 meters silk, in nice bright complimentary color.

Colours can be any! If your mixing 2 fabrics you can have them in different colors as well! I Took Plain fabric and got it dyed at Lajpat.

Borders :

You get Saree borders ready made these days, just ask straight away for a 9 meter saree border. You can also combine 2-3 borders together.

Chandni Chowk, Kinari Bazaar: you will get the most variety here at good price but insure the quality is good, Kinari can be tricky in terms of Quality.

Lajpat Nagar : There are many shops from where you can get.There is a whole gali for it. The shop which I prefer is Prakash Zari wala, if your going from KFC (with KFC at your left) then its situated near the 2nd park to your right. Ask around a lot of people know this shop. Its a bit expensive but has really good stuff.

For Latkans at Lajpat :
There is a paneer pakodey wali gali (Lane right in front of Bombay Selections) which is really good for latkans, there is a shop that has really good and cheap kamarband too!

For heavy blouses :

Try Meena Bazaar, they have a decent collection, 
Eves tailor at M block Market, GK 2 : I havn't been there personally but have heard a lot about him, if not him then you get a lot of ready made blouses in M block.

Stitching :
Any of your good local tailor can easily stitch the borders to the fabric. You can get a bright complimentary color piping also done to have a finished look to the Saree.

If I get a chance then will will put the saree's, that I have made, on the blog soon :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A month to go for the wedding!

So much is done but so many details left!

In random order :

Function Outfits : Still have to go for final fitting and pick up.

Jewelry: Done :D

Shoes : Done (waaay back! I think I did my footwear way before I did most of my other stuff)

Makeup Artist : Booked (same as my engagement, although still indecisive on the way I want to look)

Photographer and video : Done

Caterer, Decorator, venue : all done

Invites : In the process of distributions

Trousseau : Done except woolens

Honeymoon Booking : Boy taking care of it, so no idea (although my passport hasn't been asked for so I guess hasn't happened yet)

Furniture and other goods : In process

Mehendi artist : Booked

Folk Singers for Haldi (banna-banni): Booked

Dance practice : Begun

Pre-Bridal : Started

Wedding workout : has been kicked to the last thing on my mind, happy with how I am, instead of being a bone-thin bride I would stick to being the chubby cute bride :P

Am I still freaking out?! YES, the tiny details are the one that are frustrating.

In-law gifts havn't been packed

How will my stuff each the destination, and since I cant go before hand to my in-laws house then how do I manage getting my stuff there?! I have looads!

How to manage 6 different people with different schedules for dance practice.

How to manage without going out in the sun.

Where to get woolens when winters are just starting?

tiny tiny stuff adding up.

But I guess there is no need to freak out a lot, I have done pretty much a lot.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hair Ornaments : Are the North Indian Brides under doing them?!

I believe I did not do enough justice to hair ornaments when I wrote about the Solah Singar here , that was probably because I did not understand their importance back then. Now I am 2 months older and wiser and it is by sheer chance that I now understand how important is a decorative hair ornament.

North Indian Brides have always been jealous of the south Indian brides unique hair jewelry as they have been of our huge lehenga's.
 (ok I am not sure how true that statement is but I have certainly been jealous :P )
But that does not mean we cant decorate our buns with jeweled pieces of our own.

One might argue that when you add that huge dupatta on top you cant see anything, true, true that what I thought, after all South Indian Brides do not have a dupatta on the head and their beutiful hair jewelry can easily be seen.

But here's a picture of the bride getting ready: her head without and with a dupatta

See you do get glimpses of it. Specially with most of us opting for a net dupatta our hairstyles are open for the world (ahem, guest I mean) to see

Even For a minimalist bride these tiny ornaments which can be used even later are available 

Our Christian counter parts make sure that the back of the dress, their hairstyle and everything is perfect, sole reason : during the ceremony their back is towards the guest, thats the only part they see.

 Where as for us, turning our back towards the guest is a sign of dis-respect and hence the back was never really thought about.

 But now if you think about it, during pooja and phera's its only our back that a lot of our guest will see, plus what with  candid photoghraphy as the 'in' thing we need to be 360 degree perfect!

So let your hair have a little jewel of its own!

and ofcourse don't forget the flowers!

As for the fact what got me thinking so deeply about hair jewelry : I was out looking for packaging stuff when I stumbled on this shop 'Om Sons' in Lajpat Nagar and absolutely loved the hair jewelry they had.

I do not personally like artificial jewelry, but if you do this shop is a MUST check out. They have everything with good prices. Plus they can customize the jewelry for you. Make you your own personal one of a kind jewelry set or the full head to toe bridal set. Its like a one stop shop.

You can see their facebook page at :
 Do visit them!

See their fb page or contact me for the address.

Disclaimer : All pictures have been taken off the internet and I do not have or claim any copyright on them. Incase anyone has a problem please contact me I shall remove the picture immediately. 
 The shop was visited by me on my own, I wasn't paid for it (sadly :P )and its my own personal review.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saifeena Sangeet and Registered Wedding

Totally not a celebratory hogger but since Wills Indian Fashion Week turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for Bridal wear, here's looking else where :

Pictures of Saifeena's sangeet And Registered wedding:

somebody said she wore a lehenga saree but it looks like a lehenga only....comments?!
Din't like it when I had just seen the chunni but the lehenga is I guess fit for her, shiny like a star.

For sister of the groom, she defiantly disappointing!

Although Krishika Lulla looks ok here but her choli fitting is really horrible! please google and see, its too bad for me to put on the blog and so was Malaika's lehenga....she is pretty good at her style but just hate the fabric that Malaika wore.

And post the registered wedding....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trousseau Winter Wear

I am waiting for winter wear to come in the market, am in desperate need of good woolens.

Till now I was quite contend with my unisex basic navy blue pullovers in 2 different weaves from monto carlo. I used to live in them!

Only last year did I find the perfect overcoat and wore it in and out. I was never seen without it.

For slightly chilly October end I have a basic summer black coat which use to work with everything I had.

I am not much of a winter person so my wardrobe is more out going and better during summer months or at least in monsoons and springs.

After spending years and years trying to get my winter wardrobe 'acceptable' I finally achieved it last year *whoopie*

Only to realize (now) that my checked woolen over coat, my grey hoodie long sweater jacket and my black perfect fitting coat are no match for bedazzling Indian wear.

To add to that mix there will be hardly any winter wear in the market before the wedding.

Lets look at options we have for winters :

1. Cardigans

I have seen women loving them, living in them, and buying as many as possible in ever colour!

However I personally hate them completely. But with Indian wear specially with suits these work the best and are the warmest.

If given a chance I would hibernate the whole of winters.

but I have to-have to choose I guess something like these would work with Indian wear :

if I had to had to choose I still wont choose, but one cant really hibernate

I think the last one and the first ones neckline is better for Indian wear because it will also show the neckline of your suit. Plus it doesn't look too bottled up.

2. Pullover

Indian wear and pullover are not meant to be together and with girls who will be living with their in-laws its certainly not wise to jump into jeans your initial few post-marriage months.

So say bye-bye pullovers this married winters.

3. Shawls

Aah the prettiest Indian winter wear. They are a style statement in their own right. Whether its a pashmina or a jamawar. A lot of varieties and styles are found all around. You'll get pretty colours and embroidery in them too. Not just for older aunties you get a great variety for us girls too!

this particular one is not woolen but you get woolen ones like this too.

I think there is a 'shagun' ki embroidered shawl also that you have to get, cant find a pretty one online but you do get nice ones! Ahujasons in Delhi is supposed to be the best shop for all these. Also take a stroll around Dilli hart for different varieties during off season.

Drape them around your shoulder or wrap them around you they look pretty either way and are must for any Indian winter functions or dinner outs. However they do seem a little impractical around the house or during trips out shopping.

4. Jackets and Overcoats

After only hearing about them and seeing them in glossy magazines finally they made their Indian entry a few years back and then the overload was all aunties wearing them wrong!

Finally we seem to have got them right. Still not the perfect solution for Indian wear they are atleast warm!

Probably without so many pockets.
the  jacket on the right
Don't buy big huge collars, would still not recommend the middle jackets high collar but something similar with maybe a slim collar will look good

Here is the link  to where I got the last 2 pictures from, she seems to think alike :

Not sure if you guys are interested in knowing that :

I am still missing a good sturdy big everyday bag.
Have 5-6 different color kajal but still need to buy BLACK.

Link Within

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