Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hair Ornaments : Are the North Indian Brides under doing them?!

I believe I did not do enough justice to hair ornaments when I wrote about the Solah Singar here , that was probably because I did not understand their importance back then. Now I am 2 months older and wiser and it is by sheer chance that I now understand how important is a decorative hair ornament.

North Indian Brides have always been jealous of the south Indian brides unique hair jewelry as they have been of our huge lehenga's.
 (ok I am not sure how true that statement is but I have certainly been jealous :P )
But that does not mean we cant decorate our buns with jeweled pieces of our own.

One might argue that when you add that huge dupatta on top you cant see anything, true, true that what I thought, after all South Indian Brides do not have a dupatta on the head and their beutiful hair jewelry can easily be seen.

But here's a picture of the bride getting ready: her head without and with a dupatta

See you do get glimpses of it. Specially with most of us opting for a net dupatta our hairstyles are open for the world (ahem, guest I mean) to see

Even For a minimalist bride these tiny ornaments which can be used even later are available 

Our Christian counter parts make sure that the back of the dress, their hairstyle and everything is perfect, sole reason : during the ceremony their back is towards the guest, thats the only part they see.

 Where as for us, turning our back towards the guest is a sign of dis-respect and hence the back was never really thought about.

 But now if you think about it, during pooja and phera's its only our back that a lot of our guest will see, plus what with  candid photoghraphy as the 'in' thing we need to be 360 degree perfect!

So let your hair have a little jewel of its own!

and ofcourse don't forget the flowers!

As for the fact what got me thinking so deeply about hair jewelry : I was out looking for packaging stuff when I stumbled on this shop 'Om Sons' in Lajpat Nagar and absolutely loved the hair jewelry they had.

I do not personally like artificial jewelry, but if you do this shop is a MUST check out. They have everything with good prices. Plus they can customize the jewelry for you. Make you your own personal one of a kind jewelry set or the full head to toe bridal set. Its like a one stop shop.

You can see their facebook page at :
 Do visit them!

See their fb page or contact me for the address.

Disclaimer : All pictures have been taken off the internet and I do not have or claim any copyright on them. Incase anyone has a problem please contact me I shall remove the picture immediately. 
 The shop was visited by me on my own, I wasn't paid for it (sadly :P )and its my own personal review.

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