Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A month to go for the wedding!

So much is done but so many details left!

In random order :

Function Outfits : Still have to go for final fitting and pick up.

Jewelry: Done :D

Shoes : Done (waaay back! I think I did my footwear way before I did most of my other stuff)

Makeup Artist : Booked (same as my engagement, although still indecisive on the way I want to look)

Photographer and video : Done

Caterer, Decorator, venue : all done

Invites : In the process of distributions

Trousseau : Done except woolens

Honeymoon Booking : Boy taking care of it, so no idea (although my passport hasn't been asked for so I guess hasn't happened yet)

Furniture and other goods : In process

Mehendi artist : Booked

Folk Singers for Haldi (banna-banni): Booked

Dance practice : Begun

Pre-Bridal : Started

Wedding workout : has been kicked to the last thing on my mind, happy with how I am, instead of being a bone-thin bride I would stick to being the chubby cute bride :P

Am I still freaking out?! YES, the tiny details are the one that are frustrating.

In-law gifts havn't been packed

How will my stuff each the destination, and since I cant go before hand to my in-laws house then how do I manage getting my stuff there?! I have looads!

How to manage 6 different people with different schedules for dance practice.

How to manage without going out in the sun.

Where to get woolens when winters are just starting?

tiny tiny stuff adding up.

But I guess there is no need to freak out a lot, I have done pretty much a lot.

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