Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tradition #2 : What the Bhabhi does??

What does a Bhabhi have to do at the wedding?? apart from helping in the shopping process that is.

1. Groom side aka Devar ki shadi

Apply kajal to devar at Sera Bandi, just before the groom gets on the horse.

I am trying to find these fancy 'surma' bottles for my devar's wedding!
No, there is no wedding in the family yet but I like to pre-plan ;D
Ofcourse nobody now really applies kajal to the groom, its usually just pretend for the camera.

2. Bride side aka Nand ki shaadi

Well I am not sure what a bhabhi has to do in her sister-in-laws wedding but my bhabhi tied the kangna on me.

My Bhabhi tieing me kangna :)

Oh and yes Bhabhi also gets water from the well (or hand pump) of the mandir nearest to your home, early morning ( 3-4am) on the day of your wedding. She walks from the mandir with a lotta on her head, singing songs to your home. You are suppose to take a bath with that water on the day of your wedding.

Any other custom do you know that the bhabhi has to do??

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