Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 1 : Tarun Tahiliani at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

OOh man, I want that tummy! or rather I want that non-tummy!
Did she really give birth to a child ??

Once you look past all that the background looks amazing, hey how about hanging fairy lights on top to your wedding aisle?!
 Anyways back to the show, although its very hard to get your eyes off Shilpa Shetty and concentrate on just the garments, I don't think a lot of girls can carry that lehenga/drape the way she is able to and I must commend Tarun Tahiliani on the way its draped, wow...come to think of it most of his collection is made up of very nicely draped garments.
Check out the pants!

Love these Juties!

I cant concentrate on clothes with those abs on display

Tarun Tahiliani did a LOT of saree's with corsets and belts, I dont know if I like them, do you?

Palla wrapped around as a belt.
I really like this concept, although I cant really do this with my body type but a slimmer girl probably can rock this look.

Wear it where??
A friends wedding maybe, ooh or your mehendi, it will set you apart and you can still wear a 'traditional' garment and look trendy.
If this is too avant garde for you and you still want to style this way then you can also do the belt styles at Haldi

Are those Dhoti Pants??

The following two are not really bridal but the friend of the bride or the sister of the bride can wear it. What do you think?

They look like draped Saree's

Are you a Bride-to-be, Have you checked out the new bride-to-be Tshirts???

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