Saturday, March 22, 2014

Inspiration : Real Girl's Style File

There are two types of people that I stalk on facebook.

1. The ones that irritate the hell out of me! They update every single day, their profile picture switches before you even get a chance to see the last one. Oh and they check in at every single place they visit(!) as if people on their friend list are just dying to know where they have been *rolling eyes*

So why do I still stalk them? well because these are the same people about which everyone else bitches about and I just like to be involved in a conversation.

Oh these are the same people who would take a selfie within a minute of meeting you and update it on Fb with the caption "Having sooo much fun with my bff [tag you] at [insert check in]" while completely ignoring you on the face.

2. The second type of people I stalk are people I genuinely want to see updates from, apart from the usual group of friends and family, there are a few people I have hardly talked to in life but I do like to follow their profile because either they are doing really good at work, or they travel to amazing places, or they have a blog or they have an amazing sense of style.

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Shifa falls into this last category. I find her sense of style really nice and would love to share it with you lot :) I asked her if I could and she agreed :)

Meet Shifa :

I remembered her as a curly haired girl in school, we were friends for a while and then lost touch. When I re-connected with her on fb and asked her if she was doing something in Fashion or had a style blog or something she said no. To my surprise she is studying to be a Dermatologist and her in-built style was just that, in-built.

PS : I am going to get hair and skin care tips from her soon! 

I love this picture of her's, she wore this while visiting Taj Mahal, which I think is a great idea, because with that backdrop in this pure white Anarkali the pictures come out really nice!
Pre-wedding shoot idea, anyone?!

While she gets most of her stuff from the big designer she also gets some stitched from local designers and tailors. Her shopping spree takes place at Delhi and Jaipur mainly.

I like this White Anakali+red chunni look, I saw another girl in this look and it surly sets you apart from the crowd. Plus this look can be easily replicated on your own.

She recommends Zoya Dere in GK, Delhi for Diamond Jewelry.

And when asked : What according to you are 5 essential Indian accessories every girl should have?

She replies : Nice golden Jhumkis..big ones, kundan or polki neck piece, bangles , nice big statement ring and a nice clutch!

Shifa gets her hair done at Affinity Salon in Noida (Sector 18) by a girl called Rekha. She says you can just take a picture and show it to her and she will replicate it exactly.

What I do love about her style is its minimalist chic and has that little 'oomp' to it. Its also great for a recent bride who doesn't want to look like a chandelier and still look dressed up. Although Shifa isn't married yet, I cant wait till she does for the simple reason I want to check out what she wears ;P

If you had enjoyed her style as much as I do then you can follow her on Instagram

and don't forget to follow me if you are not already :P

If you have a fashion blog or just love to style and would love to show it off then write in at , please note it should preferably be Indian wear so that our Brides-to-be can be helped out, ofcourse we welcome honeymoon style help as well :)

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