Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For all Art Lovers, Presenting Noopur Anita Balia!!

I have a little treat for all you Art Lovers out there, Crazy Indian Brides's Bestest friend is out with her art exhibition soon! And her work is beyond extraordinary!
 ( I never knew she could paint like this! was quite a shock when I first found out! so just had to HAD to put it up for you to see!)

Crazy Indian Wedding Presents :

Noopur Anita Balia


Born and brought up in Ahmedabad. Graduated as a design student of NIFT in 2010 from Mumbai she immediately left for her hometown Ahmedabad where she came across her mother's paintings and the impact of direct contact with abstract art was such that she began to simplify it in my own way. That's when the journey began...

Her exhibition of Contemporary Figurative Paintings   "THE SOUL" shows from the 18th of june, 2013 (Tuesday) till 23rd June, 2013 (Sunday), at 'The Gallery' Amdawad ni gufa, Guj University, Ahmedabad.

Crazy Indian Brides ask's " What is the soul about? Why this name?"

Noopur's says : The soul series was the outcome of the Delhi Gang Rape that happened in December last year and it left me disgusted and terrified. I began to search deeper into what's the inner identity , "the self" that gets affected rather than the outer physical state during any traumatic event.

While the brain has its lead in emotions, intellect, and will, and while people’s physical attributes are an essential part, we must also remember that the person is in itself an ultimate unit of analysis. Thoughts, feelings, actions are ultimately the dimensions of this person. And it is the soul that combines all of these dimensions of the person to form one life.
When it is broken to an extent where its unrepairable, you have to attend to it.

So The soul is, arguably, the most deepest dimension of a person or, as we often say today, as of the “self.” and the pain that is caused on this deep a level is what i wished to express through this series of my paintings.

The later part of the series are a reflection of my own personal experiences. For the past couple of months I rarely left the house. I did not answer the phone and rarely checked my mails. Most of the time was spent trying to answer the questions which had accumulated over the past couple of years.

To me the power of any painting lies in the fact that it was picked up from the real world, that a person's psyche interacted with and interpreted a particular piece of reality at a unique and inspired moment. The transformation that constitutes in a painting is what continues to captivate and inspire me.

As an artist I believe in and love painting. It can forever freeze a mystery, a memory, a moment. I paint everything, from the most seemingly daily details to the significantly interesting stories of our day. Wherever people gather, I come across the most fascinating dramatical performances with a cast of characters unintentionally playing their parts. These stories unfold one after the other ,collectively telling the story of life itself....

Here is a glimpse into her work :

For those of you who are in Ahmadabad or will be traveling there from the 18th to 23rd of June, this exhibition is a MUST visit!!

Know more about the event here : http://www.facebook.com/events/530977966961935/
To Keep in touch with the Artist visit her Facebook page here : http://www.facebook.com/NoopurAnitaBalia


  1. Replies
    1. thank you shikha ....

    2. To praise such a splendid work of art....words are really falling short to make any comment.......she possesses marvellous talent...keep on doing such wonders baby...GOD bless you....!

    3. Thank you sangeeta

  2. Simply superb Noopur, would love to see more of your works. I hope being an artist you would love my fine art blog :) http://www.fineartandyou.com/

  3. Great work impressive
    One quote artist would like to meet another.


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