Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Shopping : Weekend Planning!

While I had all the time in the world to plan a perfect wedding a lot of brides don't. So if your a workaholic by weekdays and a bridezilla by weekends then make sure your organised!!

1. Friday Night : Make a List!

What list?!?

List of things to Buy
List of Shops to visit
List of Vendors to meet
List of decision Pending

Don't worry if this all sounds a little overwhelming, if you actually do this one Friday then the subsequent weeks would go easier, just have to edit a bit.

2. Saturday : Full Energy Mode

Have a good breakfast! You have a Lot to do!

If your planning on visiting a specialized shops or designer shops (any where you need an appointment) then this is the best day.
Sundays are a bit busy and a lot of walk-in customers might disturb your appointments.

If your in Delhi and have work in Chandani Chowk do it today! Sunday Chandani Chowk and Chawadi Bazaar is closed. Similarly check local wedding markets in your city and check if they are closed on Sunday or not.

Either way Saturday is the best option, less crowd.

Try to maximize this day! But make sure you eat properly! Always carry sunscreen, umbrella, protein bars and a bottle of water with you!

3. Sunday : Family Day

Sunday has always been family day for me, the sole reason the whole family is home! :P

Its the best day to discuss all pending decisions on the breakfast table, get everyone involved! Call relatives over for dance practices, Dragging your father and brother for their outfit shopping AND a day to relax!

Yes a Bride-to-be needs some relaxing time as well, if you have pre-bridal planned then this is the day, The day to date the fiance (ahem..ahem..) and a day to go and do (yet) more shopping (its never ending right?!)

So, up for a Wedding Weekend?? Whats your Plan??

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