Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 Easy Tips By a MUA for the Bride to be!

Bangalore based Rekha Krishnamurthy from 'Studio Mirror Loves Youadvises Brides-to-be....

 1. Drink lots of fluids
Drinking fluids, especially, Water is more of a common sense than a tip. This is one rule each one of us should follow throughout our lives. Water helps flush out toxins and the effects can certainly be seen on one’s skin. There is an unmistakable glow on your face, constantly, when you make drinking atleast 8 glasses of water a practice. Along with water, one can also consume juices of clear fruits and vegetables like Watermelon, Cucumber etc

2. Watch what you eat
Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration, and one cannot help but get carried away with lot of mouth watering savories around. But, a little bit of discipline would definitely go a long way. So, ensure that you stop consuming Sweets & Deep Fried foods atleast 15 Days before your wedding. The last thing you want is a pimple to pop on your Big Day. Also, if you are a Non – Vegetarian, restrict yourself to grilled delicacies only. (toughest thing to do of all 5! )

3. Eliminate soap and face wash
 Soaps and face washes can be convenient to use but often contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin. Hence, the best option is to eliminate them for these few days. When you go for a bath, carry a mixture of Gram Flour and milk. You would do well if you could add a pinch of turmeric to the mixture. Use the paste (which should have a runny consistency) on alternate days or at least 2 times a week while taking a bath and it will effectively clean your skin of impurities, without drying the skin and it also exfoliate the skin. Use it to wash your face twice daily. It is absolutely safe and helps to brighten one’s complexion. ( my MUA also asked me to stop using soap, in the last week I was taking a bath with only malia, sugar and honey )

4. Stress - NOT
This one is truly, easier said than done. As your big day approaches you are certainly going to be worried about a lot of things, like if your trousseau has been altered and brought, if your jewellery is safely packed, your makeup artist is booked, your mehendi artist is confirmed, your Spa appointment is in place etc In short, there would be an endless list of things that may require your attention and cause you a lot of nervous moments, but, a little planning ahead will keep most of the things, if not everything at bay. Stress causes damage to your skin, so ensure that there are not many stressful and anxious moments during the celebrations.

5. Sleep – A LOT
Nothing prepares you better for the big day than a few good nights of beauty sleep. Once the pre-wedding ceremonies begin, it will be followed by the Wedding and post-wedding celebrations leaving you with a lot of short sleep nights. This is definitely going to show up on your skin. So, try not to ignore the importance of getting atleast 7-8 Hours of sleep atleast a week or 10 days prior to your big day.

Follow these simple tips and be the most gorgeous Bride you always dreamed of being. And do not forget to smile a lot!

About Rekha

Studio Mirror Loves You is the brainchild of Rekha Krishnamurthy, a Professional Makeup Artist, Stylist & Grooming Expert. She has an extensive knowledge of makeup application and styling and has handled high profile weddings and parties. 

Crazy Indian Bride asks :

What base do you use?
I use Krylon Base and Mac Eyeshadows, Pigments and Highlights. Other products are all an assortment of various brands such as Loreal, Maybelline, Lakme, NYX, Inglot etc.,
What do you charge?
I charge between 7 to 10 thousand per look (occasion) and this includes makeup, hair & styling the outfit (saree ,lehenga etc)

Are you willing to travel?
At present I am not willing to travel to locations but whenever I come across an opportunity I consider from case to case basis depending on the budget, client and the arrangements that will be made for me.

How can we contact you?
I can be reached at

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