Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog!!

A Letter to YOU

The blog turns 1 today.

A year back I was a Bride-to-be and I started this blog as a much needed place to put my thoughts.
I was in-between jobs when my marriage got fixed and taking up a new job right before the wedding made no sense, so I decided to take a break and concentrate all my energy into planning the perfect wedding.

I must tell you that I have this nasty habit of researching things to the depth, and like any tech-savvy girl the internet was my library. With 3 months into the wedding planning I had gathered so much information about things-to-do, shopping must haves, skin-care, hair-care, etc. that I needed a place to put it all.

I was continuously commenting on other bridal blogs when I realized if I put all my comments together in one place it would actually help other brides, in fact if I start writing about things I know and things that I have discovered along the way it would help other girls out!

It’s easy to read a review online but you do not know its authentication, you do not know if the person is being paid to be nice and write nice things or if it’s an actual review of a place or a product by a real person, by a REAL bride, I know that gap existed and I wanted to find a way to bridge it.

I tried Pinterest, but I could only capture pictures I liked online, then twitter where defining a wedding preparation in less than 140 characters was next to impossible! And instragram although made all pictures look pretty it didn't really solve the problem….and hence this blog was born…

I started putting words to ideas, the picture folder that I had on my desktop all went online, everything that I followed as a bride-to-be was shared. The shops I visited were listed out, the failed diets, the weight struggle, the blog became like a little friend that I used to tell everything to. It was an outlet for all the Bridezilla energy.

Future plans..

While I try to write as much as I can there is still a lot more things that I have left to tell you, there are shops that I keep discovering, new home made facials, manicures at home, pre-bridal tips, jewelry, makeup tricks, haircare, etc. so the blog post will keep coming.

Plus we keep having new editions to the blog, I have a lot of skin care, style and makeup experts coming in for you. There are also a lot of Brides-to-be willing to share their stories, the Delhi Dating series is coming in, plus recipes for the new Bride.,etc.etc., a lot of Guest writers who want to share their experience with you, so it will be another exciting year at the blog!

I owe you an apology..

A few days ago I was re-reading my old posts and I realized how better I was at writing things a year back, and now I seem to have gone down a notch in the research and content that is put across, I promise to do better.

And Thank you..
I am extremely honored and in gratitude that you continue to stay with me, I cannot express the happiness I get when I log on every day and watch those little numbers going up knowing you’re out there reading the blog (I can see you :P ). 

It is this enormous amount of encouragement from you that the blog continues till date. When I get mails or comments from you saying you have been following the blog for a while now, it really makes my day J

Thank you! Thank you for being there! For encouraging me! For being a part of the journey! For being a part of Crazy Indian Wedding!

The Crazy Indian Bride can be found,

Tweeting about weddings, life and life's craziness at https://twitter.com/crazyindianwedd
Pinning all things weddingy at http://pinterest.com/crazyindianwedd/
Sharing a bit of her personal life at instagram http://instagram.com/crazyindianwedding 
Liking and sharing wedding stuff at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/crazyindianwedding
and all around Googling stuff at https://www.google.com/    ;P 


  1. Congratulations!!! :D I will be glued to your blog in the forthcoming years too ;) Hope your exams went well..

  2. Congratulations.. :-) wish you lots of success and happiness.. :D

  3. Congrats! :) Looking forward to reading all your new series!!!

  4. Wow, heartiest congratulations on crossing this milestone. Looking at this vast repository of information (and of course gaining from it), I could have never guessed that you have been 'in the business' for just about a year! Kudos and a big thanks to you. I am already excited to read all the planned new stuff! :)


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