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  1. HI, my sister is getting engaged on 24th Jan, her MIL wants her to wear a indo western gown... could you please suggest of places to look in Hyderabad or Bombay? say 50k to 80k budget.

    1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply I hope I am not too late!

      Not so sure about Hyderabad, in Bombay you can try Juhu Tara Road.

  2. Thanks for posting this! So you would really recommend power yoga over the gym? And also does it help lose weight faster ? I'am 21 and I was thinking of having a try at power yoga, though the centre is a few kms away from my stay. Worth the travel or should I stick to the gym in my locality which I was once a part of and managed to shed some weight .

    Looking forward to your responsex

    1. Hi, Everyone responds differently to exercise. Gym is good to loose weight quickly but Yoga is better if you want a shapely body.

      Loosing weight via Yoga is a little slow but its more healthier and incase you stop it takes much longer to gain back weight as compared to if you stop gyming.

      You can also do yoga at home, it doesn't need any equipment so incase you miss a day you can easily make up for it at home.

      I totally recommend Yoga or Power Yoga. Hope you give it a try!


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