Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's Talk About Married at Mid 20's

Well I give you a little view into what's it like being married and mid 20's.

Go have a look:

Also girl's I am making a video every single day this week and I am open to options of what I have to make.

I might be doing a basic makeup/makeup hack video this week, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel separately, because I don't usually post about video's on the blog :)

Here is a link to the channel :

If you want me to make a video about anything else, please do comment below with your suggestions! Also on Saturday I would be doing a Q&A video, so if you want to ask me anything go ahead and ask me in the comments.

PS : I am doing a Haul video tomorrow! Got these REALLY amazing head wear! Excellent options to wear at your engagement or mehendi.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blog's Birthday and a Giveaway!

EDITED; July 14, 2014 : I lost all the comments :'( 
Blog went through some changes...noooooo.....:( :( :( :(


First Post : June 25th, 2012

Blog Turns One!

Well, I guess the one year post sums up everything I still feel, and I am extremely happy and in gratitude that I started this blog, not because it fills my pocket ( I still need to figure out a way to commercialize the blog without hurting the content) but because it has taught me a lot, and best of all it keeps in touch with you guys!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gowns are a Big No-No, What Works and What Doesn't find out..

Before you get into this post let me give you some good news, blog's turning 2 this 25th!! So a GIVEAWAY is coming your way!! Make sure to check out the blog on June 25th! 

Thank you, Thank you Manish Malhotra for saying what I wished every designer would say, what I have been trying to say for soo soo long!

Indian Brides say NO to Gowns!

You know how a foreign girl looks so pretty in a lehenga, but doesn't look as stunning as an Indian beauty would, noo...hmmm....actually white girls look amazing in lehenga's, let me re-explain.

I have worked with models and although the foreign girls look amazing in a lehenga when they walk they don't really get that grace, that elegance, that oomph. They look like any other girl walking.

Whereas when the same lehenga is put on an Indian girl even if she is not looking as stunning as her foreign counterpart, she automatically embraces that elegance, when she walks in her lehenga she either looks like a Bride or a Queen Maharani.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

We Got Featured!!

My Big Red Bag Featured us in their Colours issue, although it came out on May 21st you know how my life has been in the past month. But now I am back!

Fully recovered and not broken any more :D

Check out the article here :

They call me and Mehak from Wed Me Good  women who have specialized in covering the best of Indian weddings. Well Mehak certainly fits in the category but me,, nahh!! I doubt it! 

Anyways read the fun article, and tell me what you think!

Head over to to read.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Winter Bride's 2014 you are in so much trouble!

OMG! Girliessss you are in so much trouble!

Remember when I mentioned about a wedding in the family in the last post, well we have been checking out 'shubh' dates for this winter and there are hardly any!

Well, if you believe in auspicious dates then you are looking for trouble this time! Apparently there is a nakshatra missing this time in November which has pushed all dates back and you only have like 3-4 dates in December when you can get married.

Have a look at this :

Ofcourse via your's and the boys kundali you can get other dates apart from the one mentioned in the link above, but still finding a date in November is next to impossible!

Now you will be like, Roli what the crap!? Ok so we have less dates, how will that effect the fact that this is the year I get married to the man of my dreams (well, the man that came closest to the man in my dreams....shh dont tell him)

Well as much as I would like to keep your hopes up there are a few issues :

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Make my feet pretty!

I have great news for you guys! There is a wedding in the family which obviously means I will be back to obsessing over every single details of the wedding world :P

But this time it also means you will get to see how I either re-vamp or re-style my own wedding clothes, so together we can learn how to re-use!

Anyways there might be a function coming up around the corner (within a month), so obviously I panicked because :
a) I have no time to loose any weight
b) I cant exercise or diet, because I am unwell :/
c) My skin is like a pimple temple, and all pimples have come home to pray. :'(
d) Although I havn't walked around a lot in the last couple of weeks my feet look disgusting!

So as I type this with oil in my hair and a face pack firmly on my face, let me tell you about something I did yesterday.

I actually made use of something I found on Pinterest! Yup that happened.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hey girls, (and boys)

I might be off the blog for a little bit, not that well :/  I am blogging the first chance I was able to sit up.

But will be back as soon as possible. My phone is not with me either :'(

There is a Giveaway coming your way soon, blog will be 2 years old on the 25th! :D

Talk to you later :)


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