Friday, June 20, 2014

Winter Bride's 2014 you are in so much trouble!

OMG! Girliessss you are in so much trouble!

Remember when I mentioned about a wedding in the family in the last post, well we have been checking out 'shubh' dates for this winter and there are hardly any!

Well, if you believe in auspicious dates then you are looking for trouble this time! Apparently there is a nakshatra missing this time in November which has pushed all dates back and you only have like 3-4 dates in December when you can get married.

Have a look at this :

Ofcourse via your's and the boys kundali you can get other dates apart from the one mentioned in the link above, but still finding a date in November is next to impossible!

Now you will be like, Roli what the crap!? Ok so we have less dates, how will that effect the fact that this is the year I get married to the man of my dreams (well, the man that came closest to the man in my dreams....shh dont tell him)

Well as much as I would like to keep your hopes up there are a few issues :
1. Venues will be all booked up! So once you are pretty certain he is the 'one', the first thing you need to do is fix a venue.

2. The Venue rates would go sky high! I recently learnt that a lot of wedding venues hold a kind-off auction for wedding space. Once they get hold of 3-4 customers they call each one of them telling them how the other person is paying higher than them! Yup that happens, and unfortunately you can't do much about it.

3. All wedding vendors would get booked asap! So if your wedding is on an auspicious date then obviously your mehendi will be a day before that, which would mean the thousands of girls getting married on the day same as you would also have their mehendi on the same day as you do!

4. Panditji, if you are wondering how can Pandit's do wedding hopping? They do it! Because a LOT of people are going in for morning/afternoon wedding and then evening receptions. So pandit's go from a morning wedding to an afternoon wedding and finally the one in the evening, some of them also set their timeline for 2 evening wedding, by trying to do one earlier say finish by 1ish and then do the other. After all Indian weddings do go on long enough.

Errr...... with no disrespect to panditji!

5. Traffic Jams! Your guest are gonna be pretty frustrated once they battle (yes battle) there way out of the massive traffic jams! Chances are many would later say that the traffic jam was so bad that they had to turn back mid way, when infact they just sat in front of their TV all night, eating Pizza.

So now that I have got you worried and all worked up here is what to do :

1. Book your Venue's and all wedding vendors asap!

2. Give some advance to the venue and wedding vendors to 'lock' them in. Take a written receipt of the total price fixed and the advance paid.

3. Follow your timeline! If you insist on everyone being on time, they will be; but say, for the engagement function everyone was on time but you, the bride (or groom) was still sitting in the parlor discussing the right shade of blush then you can be certain that the next time no one will be on time! So follow your timeline and your guest will respect it too!

4. Try to get Venue's which are either not where the other venues are, or get the one which is the first venue in the lane of venues. So that your guest don't have to drive a lot, and your baraat doesn't get stuck!

5. Put up bright Marking EVERYWHERE! Chances are the guests coming to your wedding have no idea what your name is, they are probably your Chacha's Bestfriend's Tauji, so when you put out banners / hording on the road directing people where to come, make sure that :
a) The name of the Venue is included.
b) The banner is in eye catching color, to keep it different from the rest of the banners out there.
c) Use Fonts that are readable from a distance
d) Try to use a design similar to your wedding card (makes it easy to recognize, most of the time people carry the wedding card with them in the car.

In the end, all I am saying is don't worry! Things will sort themselves out and you will have an amazing time!

Oh and also if you hadn't thought of all this and I got you all worried and stuff.....aahhh..sorry then.... oops

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