Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's Talk About Married at Mid 20's

Well I give you a little view into what's it like being married and mid 20's.

Go have a look:

Also girl's I am making a video every single day this week and I am open to options of what I have to make.

I might be doing a basic makeup/makeup hack video this week, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel separately, because I don't usually post about video's on the blog :)

Here is a link to the channel :

If you want me to make a video about anything else, please do comment below with your suggestions! Also on Saturday I would be doing a Q&A video, so if you want to ask me anything go ahead and ask me in the comments.

PS : I am doing a Haul video tomorrow! Got these REALLY amazing head wear! Excellent options to wear at your engagement or mehendi.

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