Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deneemotion : Wedding Cinematographer Extraordinaire

Big words in this title suits the bigger profile it comes with.

Deneemotion is a team of highly experienced filmmakers and photographers based in Central London, but offering coverage nationwide and worldwide. Voted number 1 in London and 9th in the world.

Crazy Indian Wedding Ask's :

1. What is your best part about a wedding?

 The best thing about being a wedding cinematographer is the opportunity to share a special day with the couple and their friends. Another thing that we feel blessed about is traveling worldwide to shoot weddings. We've been several times to New York, France, Italy, Dubai, Croatia, The Caribbean, Montenegro, Cyprus and the list is growing. We hope our work will take us to India one day as we filmed about 70 Indian weddings in the UK.

2. One wedding you will never forget.

One of the best weddings that we had a pleasure to work at was in Dubai. The function was held by the beach and everyone was so relaxed we even forgot the primary purpose of our arrival for a second :) 

3. Any Bloopers??

Bloopers happen a lot, but this is only natural as everyone is anxious and of course, nervous. The most importnat thing is to smile any troubles away.

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