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The perfect Mrs. – A reality or a myth?

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The perfect Mrs. – A reality or a myth?
"Is there a perfect Mrs”?

Hey Friends,

Today I got an opportunity to share my views with you through "". 
I was requested to share my views on "HOW TO BE A PERFECT Mrs."?

But I would say why just try to be a ‘PERFECT Mrs.’ and not a ‘PERFECT GIRL/WOMAN? I strongly believe if you try hard enough, nobody can stop you from being ‘PERFECT’ in your own life.

NOBODY can stop you -
·         From maintaining your personality in terms of beauty, weight, looks etc.
·         From doing what you want to do in your life. 
·         From taking good care of yourself. Yes, why not? If you can take care of others in the family, you can take care of you as well,

BUT you have to do it. Only you.
So, here are few things in my opinion what makes a girl PERFECT, doesn't really matter if you’re married or not.

We are talking about ‘PERFECTION’ in this article, but in reality NOBODY in this world is PERFECT. There is no dictionary definition of a perfect woman. If you strive to become one, then the one thing you will definitely achieve is stress.  The only way to be PERFECT in your own life is "Be Happy". :-)
  • I have observed that girls at times take it too easy post-marriage. They act a bit casual on their beauty regime, with their weight, skin care, hair care, learning’s, even with their hobbies, passion etc. (CIB says: Guilty!) I would say or rather request you girls, "DON’T change yourself". Believe in yourself, in your beauty, your knowledge, your passion and you can do wonders in your life. 

  • Exercise daily, take care of your beauty, read & harvest your knowledge, follow your dreams, take your hobbies, your passion seriously irrespective of the marital status. Remember, you’re doing all this for you and NOT for anybody else.

  • Tell yourself, you are beautiful & do your best and always remember you can't make everyone happy in this world. There will always be some people who will like you & others who won't but it’s their problem, not your's.

  • Look beautiful; take care of your skin by regular skin care- cleansing, scrubbing, toning & moisturizing.

  • Take care of your Hair: 3 steps are always important as a daily exercise: Shampoo+Conditioner+serum. Don’t brush your hair when it is sopping wet, it’s more likely to break and result in split ends.

  • Wear dresses that suit your personality & style which you can only define for yourself.  Wear colors that suits you.

  • Marriage is like a merger of two companies where employees have different cultures but they work together towards a common goal by maintaining good values & relationship and this can only be done by setting correct expectation. Understand people, their culture & let people understand you as well.

 Don't forget, “The ONLY way to be a PERFECT girl or women in your own life is to ‘Be Happy’. A smile on your face makes you look the best.” :-)
Follow your heart & wear your smile daily.  :-)

Signing out for now,
Twitter: @eshatewari

CIB says : Thank you Esha, I guess we all need that pep talk to find our way back to ourselves!

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  1. Love the pep talk: Felt like you were speaking directly to me!! I feel I have gotten lazier in some aspects after marriage, but super active in others like the kitchen.
    I'm booking a day at the salon now!!

  2. Ah, it's the same story everywhere haan? Thanks for this. More motivation to get back to taking some serious care of myself.

  3. I take good care of myself these days but at times I feel guilty of being less focussed on the house! One Sunday, I had to turn down a guest because the house was in complete mess.. :P

  4. I met this doc few months back, she is in her late 50's. She said to my mum we female neglect us like anything whether its our health/looks/interest and our life revolve around kitchen, children,husband,house.. and later we regret.. so take time for yourself if your are happy and healthy your family will automatically be..So Females are backbone of family.. :-)

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  6. Thank you so much everyone for reading my article & appreciating it. I am glad.


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