Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday = Movie and dinner.....Nah! we are not like that.

Its always good to keep up 'dating' post marriage keep the fun alive. So what do you do? movie and dinner every single week?? Quick get away 2 days trips?

Quick getaway trips are best reserved for a long weekend and movie and dinner became quite boring in a while.

We call our Sundays 'Random Sunday' where we dress up, take our car and just drive. Its in route to no where when we decide what to do.

Here is how it begin...

We were on our way to CP for just loitering around and dinner when we saw this on the road :

We then did the only logical step possible...followed it :P

And we found our self in the middle of an old car exhibition!

We had so much fun looking at old cars and deciding which ones we want, we decided that 'Random Sundays' would became our ritual.

Other Random Sundays :

- Went to the planetarium.

Although the show timing were over, we walked around and saw these amazing parks which had sooo many peacocks!! and the chotu sa canteen that they have has amazing samosa's! There are cats and peacocks that roam around inside the canteen area as well!

- Watched a Play @ kamani , while out driving we saw a poster that said Theater festival! and we knew we had to go!

- National Science Centre
We watched an animated 3D movie (really bakwas but very funny) plus we played a LOT of 'scientific' games @ the museum

- Punjabi Organisation Baisakhi Festival @ Siri Fort 
Found this function online while driving and we had to go! there were a lot of famous punjabi singers out of which I remember Miss Pooja as one of the names.

So its easy to get in if your punjabi coz you are pre-informed and you get to be a member of the society. But since we weren't members or Punjabi's we sweet talked out way into the event :D

-Mika Concert
This wasn't entirely random, we saw the posters a couple of days ago and boy got me tickets as a surprise to celebrate our 1yr 1 month engagement anniversary :)

Unfortunately the last minute ticket rush  got us tickets in the very last barrier no seating. We bribed our self to VIP and then everyone just broke down the barriers to get to the VVIP section. Watched the concert standing on top of chairs and danced the night away :)

-This Sunday we visited the Delhi Ridding Club (yes there is one) and Delhi Gymkhana (no we are not members and no we didn't pay)


There are a list of things! Delhi has unusual surprises if your willing to explore!

If I list out number of things for you to do then it won't be random, so next time instead of just movie and a dinner drive around and find something new.

Here's a little help for you, check these sites when your out :

1. http://www.buzzintown.com/delhi/home.html
2. http://bpbweekend.com/delhi-3
3. http://www.delhievents.com/  (CIB highly recommends this one! easy to read!)
4. http://timescity.com/delhi/events
5. http://delhi.burrp.com/events
6. http://in.bookmyshow.com/plays-events/

Go and explore on your own now!!

Hint : There is a magic show by PC Sorcar on the 10th.

What is it that you like to do on a Sunday?? Any suggestions for the Crazy Indian Bride??


  1. I started writing a comment here, and then I realised it was too long, so I wrote a post on it!
    I'm glad you manage to take out the time for dates with your husband. I hope I can follow in your footsteps soon enough!

    1. haha, that happens with me too. I end up writing so much that I feel its better to make a post of it than a comment.

      Really hope you and everyone else who needs it, take time off! We are all still newly weds! we have a loong time ahead of us to treat sunday as a regular day. Enjoy it while we are all young :)

  2. Sounds like you have amazing Sundays :)
    Love the car show you ended up going to!! How totally random!

  3. amazing ways to spend sundays... without any plans.. no dress code.. just follow instinct and do it... thats like me...


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