Monday, May 26, 2014

Dieting with CIW

Yup, that is pretty much whats happening now :/ and I know I have been whining about it a LOT and doing absolutely nothing to make it right. In fact I was even planning to either tweet or Instagram pictures of things I eat all, day every day so that it will discourage me from eating more, but I am not encouraged enough to do it :/ well, I will if you will?

Tell me in the comments below will you do this with me? If so then I will do it too, just use the hashtag #ciwdiet , but I will only do this if you promise me in the comments below you will do this with me! It will be like a community diet...kind off..

Anyways I am serious about getting back in shape and I must! and if you are a bride-to-be then you must do some exercise! Not because you should be stick thin for your wedding, (in fact if you are stick thin then go eat something!) but because being a Bride needs you to be active all the time, and you need a good stamina to handle all that preparations and functions and what not!

Here are some inspirations for you!

Already done this to my clock, has no effect on me what so ever. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage! and A little secret

Hi Guys, to those of you who follow me on Instagram and on my other Twitter account, you would already know that I have started YouTubing recently and well I guess its about time it gets introduced on the blog as well.

If you like it then make sure to comment and subscribe! Here is the Link to the channel :

I am linking below the latest video and you can check out the rest by visiting the channel, RGV Love .
Also keep informed about video updates via Facebook too :

Discussing Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage with my 'mother', 
it had had to be a FAIL, how did I not see that happening :/

Let me know your thoughts! and if there is any topic you would like me to cover! 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and my YouTube Twitter account too for a little break from all the wedding madness!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crazy Indian REAL Bride-to-be : Shefali

As Told by the Bride-to-be, Shefali

Hi, Tell us who you are? and whats your  story?

Both of us are Software Engineers by Profession, working for an MNC. I stay in Bangalore and he has recently shifted to Noida.

We were together in a relationship for 7 years before getting engaged.We met in college which is in Shimla (H.P) where we met in a singing talent competition (yes both of us are good singers) and he was looking for a partner in the Duet Round and asked me if I could sing. (Sounds like a filmy love story!)

When we first met we both together weighed some 200kgs :D ;P , but we have reduced a lot together!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Real Wedding Jewelry, Store Review : Tanishq Vs Mehrasons Vs Kalyan

Warning : This review may be biased, because I love Tanishq. Also no one is paying me to write this, although I wish they were :/

My number one choice of wedding jewelry or rather any kind of jewelry would be Tanishq, somehow I can always find something there, and me and my mom have been shopping from there since a long time, we probably even know which design launched when, we are that loyal; and not wrongly so, I have never so far had any problem with any of their jewelry, I have absolutely no complaints, I love the designs they have and am more than happy that they have come up with jewelry at lower price range for everyday/work wear.

The necklace and the earrings, in the picture, are from Tanishq (South Ex. Part 1, Delhi) whereas the mang tikka and nath is from Mehrasons (South Ex. Part 2, Delhi). I LOVE my mangtikka and nath, absolutely in love with them, more than my set. It gives me great pain to say this but Mehrasons has better designs and way more variety than Tanishq, but...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crazy Indian REAL Bride : Shaista

As Told by the Bride, Shaista

Two people that couldn't be more poles apart in terms of personalities. Ali a very organized, excel-sheet driven individual; whereas I, Shaista on the other hand couldn't be bothered about keeping a tab on things, write things on napkins and live spontaneously! 

So How did you guys meet?

It was quite funny how Ali and I met. I had graduated from Indiana university not too long ago and moved out to Los Angeles for work. I came home and switched on my computer to see a notification of someone named 'Ali' checking out my profile on the then famous 'orkut' (Oh I remember that feature, facebook should have it too, maybe not, stalking won't be fun anymore if that happens)

I went on to check his profile and saw he was in Indiana University too..! I was confused- all the desis knew each other, how come I never came across him before? and he was Bohri as well! so I was curious.. I messaged asking if I knew him since we were in the same college and he replied innocently saying he was new to town and just wanted to get a better idea of our college town. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lets take a little break!

I know wedding madness is on your mind, but sit back relax and take a break...

I thought lets mix it up a bit, and give you something else to think about....

Wedding Idea!!

Well Facebook has lost its touch hasn't it? or is it just me?? Anyways hash-tags are pretty much used every where and I find this a great idea to make sure you get to see your wedding captured from each persons point of view.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Do Grooms matter?

Well of course they do, for the obvious reason that is, they are the ones in charge of booking the Honeymoon...

We girls never do give them any credit, technically speaking its a big day for them as well, but end of the day it is the bride who picks the colors he is allowed to wear, or what kind of decorations would be there, what music is appropriate, etc.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let us help the boys!

The most difficult part of Mehendi/Sangeet is trying to get the guys to do choreographed routines! Most of them don't want to do it, the ones that do have zero choreography sense, and since the boys decided on the very last minute that they would perform the official choreographer is long gone. So now what?!

Well we girls can whip up a quick and easy dance routine for girls or coed dances in a blink of an eye, but thinking of dance moves for a group of rowdy guys who only know how to do 'Dabang Dabang' on the stage is super difficult!

I found these group of guys doing great routines on Mehendi's and the dance moves are easy enough (after a few alterations) So just go ahead watch and teach your brothers/friends/uncles and have a great Sangeet!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Real Bride : Real Story, Follow this girl upto her Wedding Day!

6 Months Before the Wedding

Meet AA, she is getting married in November this year and she happily agreed to share her journey with us!

Follow this story for monthly updates on how she is preparing for her D-day!

1)Tell us Who you are?? ( Sounds like ragging, no?! Chalo Intro do..)

 To describe me, I am too mature to be 24 years old (still 1.5 months left) and at times, too kiddish to be 24! 

I am a great shopaholic and no amount of shopping can ever satisfy me. I work as a Quality Analyst, which is where I met my would-be.

I love hanging out with friends and seeing new places. Lately, I have discovered my love for photography as well.

2) Whats your love story?? Don't leave out the juicy bits!

I met by would-be at office. He was a Team Leader at that time. we had never really noticed each other (although he told me later that i resembled his ex... made me angry) and a year passed. We don't even remember how we started talking...

Link Within

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