Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crazy Indian REAL Bride-to-be : Shefali

As Told by the Bride-to-be, Shefali

Hi, Tell us who you are? and whats your  story?

Both of us are Software Engineers by Profession, working for an MNC. I stay in Bangalore and he has recently shifted to Noida.

We were together in a relationship for 7 years before getting engaged.We met in college which is in Shimla (H.P) where we met in a singing talent competition (yes both of us are good singers) and he was looking for a partner in the Duet Round and asked me if I could sing. (Sounds like a filmy love story!)

When we first met we both together weighed some 200kgs :D ;P , but we have reduced a lot together!

OMG! How did you guys loose so much weight?

He was always particular about his weight. He has a rock solid determination and was my source of inspiration to loose. He used to go to gym and encourage me to adapt healthy habits. I had a goal of loosing some weight before I meet his parents :) My friend and roommate were also a source of inspiration. (Sounds good, its opposite with me and my husband, we keep talking about loosing weight but always end up with eating dessert instead :/ )

So is the Real Indian Wedding date set yet?

The day is not decided yet, Mostly by end of this year.

You have had your engagement, right? Tell us about that!

Ours was a very simple and traditional engagements with lots of protocols to follow. But we manage to celebrate our togetherness somehow. The Venue was Hotel Center Point In Roorkee.

Where did you get ready?

My makeup was done by a makeup artist in Roorkee who owns and runs Gala Beauty Salon . She was all equipped with best and high end products in market Mac and Urban Decay were her right and left hands. I really loved her work all natural and girly.

and Where did you shop from??

I did most of my shopping for the engagement from Anchal, samyakk, maysor saree udyog, soch studio in Bangalore and the wedding shopping is also on full swing :) I bought our rings and other jewelry from Reliance Jewels in Bangalore. 

Who shot the pictures???

Our photographers were 2 IIT 4th year students Kaustubh and Himanshu who are proficient and ace level when it comes to Nature photography, have won a lot of awards and accolades and wanted to try their hand in wedding photography. I am glad they did , they actually made us look beautiful. (They made you look beautiful because you are!)

OMG! Is that a real tattoo??? Is that your name?

Yes, my fiance got this tattoo on 6th of Nov 2013 in Bangalore from a very famous artist . It is a permanent tattoo with the blend of red and black. He bore a lot of pain getting this done as the font was very intricate.

It was for my birthday on the 11th and he wanted to give me a surprise but out of excitement he couldn't keep it from me and told me on the 6th only . I was overwhelmed :) and almost in tears when I saw this. (Awwwww)

We wish you loads of luck and look forward to hearing all about your wedding once its done!! Enjoy this time of your life and remember to be a bridezilla! ;P


Do you want to be featured as a Crazy Indian Real Bride? 
Do you? 
Do you? 

I know you do!

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