Friday, May 2, 2014

Real Bride : Real Story, Follow this girl upto her Wedding Day!

6 Months Before the Wedding

Meet AA, she is getting married in November this year and she happily agreed to share her journey with us!

Follow this story for monthly updates on how she is preparing for her D-day!

1)Tell us Who you are?? ( Sounds like ragging, no?! Chalo Intro do..)

 To describe me, I am too mature to be 24 years old (still 1.5 months left) and at times, too kiddish to be 24! 

I am a great shopaholic and no amount of shopping can ever satisfy me. I work as a Quality Analyst, which is where I met my would-be.

I love hanging out with friends and seeing new places. Lately, I have discovered my love for photography as well.

2) Whats your love story?? Don't leave out the juicy bits!

I met by would-be at office. He was a Team Leader at that time. we had never really noticed each other (although he told me later that i resembled his ex... made me angry) and a year passed. We don't even remember how we started talking...

And when we stopped talking...

Some how we got back a few months later (we both don't know how the second conversation started either!) We kept talking for about an year until our entire department had started making speculations about us being in a relationship. 

We both had a liking for each other but never really thought of going about it as I knew my family wouldn't agree (typical Indian family scene). We kept lingering on things, while in the meantime I got a rishta proposal. The very thought of meeting a stranger blew me off! 

 I had no idea how to judge the guy.  Then my would-be, came to rescue.He helped me to regarding what all to see in the guy and while he was preparing me for that, we were getting closer. 

We had always been in a denial mode regarding our feelings. One fine day, while having lunch at office, my two friends (rather angels) provoked me to go forward and disclose about our 'thing' at home. I was hell scared but somehow, out of nowhere, I got the strength (I still remember his blank face when i told him I was about to disclose our relationship at 

After a few arguments, my parents finally agreed. They met him and his family, and it was finally... a YES!

3) That would have been so exciting! Tell us more! What happened next? Did you have any informal function or anything??

We had a roka ceremony on his birthday (what better gift he could have got :p).

What did you wear? and who go you ready?
I wore a simple pink and blue churidar suit. It was a small gathering of 10 people. I did my makeup on my own while my brother clicked the pictures!

OOh I love the chunni of this suit!
AA brought it from Narang Fabrics in Lajpat, she says she mainly brought it for the chunni only.

4) When is the D-day??
 The D-Day is on November 2, 2014, so exactly 6 months left, I am already too nervous!

5) I know its still 6 months till your wedding but have you started any hair or skin care regime?
While sitting idle in office and randomly browsing the internet, I came through an article saying a woman looked 10 years younger only by drinking 3 litres water a day for a month.

I was a shocked as you but the results were amazing (it might have been Photoshop as well). But who cares, it's just water, worth a try. So I have started following the same and eagerly waiting for the results. ( Water is the best way to maintain your skin and to de-toxify. Every single girl should drink atleast 8 glasses a day! )

Buy and interesting bottle to keep around you,
 this way you will be constantly reminded to drink!

I have waist length medium brown, slightly wavy hair. I don't do much about my hair. I just put a mixture of egg and curd on my hair whenever I find time. This gives my hair a great luster and they feel really smooth and silky.

6) Any form of exercise or health plan in your mind?
I am a bit on a healthier side, (I disagree :P , but ya you need loads of stamina as a Bride-to-be so being fit is important) so need to shed some kilos to fit into a lehenga. I drink warm water and honey as soon as I get up in the morning. I do Kapalbhati pranayam for half-an-hour. For now, that's all I have been doing.

7) Any Shopping done?
I haven't really started with my wedding outfit. I am just randomly picking the after-marriage stuff like footwear and all. The actual shopping is going to get started soon!

8) And Bookings, Venue, MUA, Photographer, etc.?
 No booking has been done so far. My dad is busy finalizing a venue, that's the biggest tension in a wedding!(Agreed!!) Just hoping things to get finalized soon so that I can start doing other things.

That's all for now. Will keep you posted!

Thanks AA! Will look forward to your post next month! To see how your progress is going, and what all is done till 5 months before the wedding! - CIW

If you are a 2014 bride and want to share your journey with us just send us an email at

Also girls if you have any advice for our Bride-to-be 'AA' then go ahead and comment below with your suggestions!

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