Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let us help the boys!

The most difficult part of Mehendi/Sangeet is trying to get the guys to do choreographed routines! Most of them don't want to do it, the ones that do have zero choreography sense, and since the boys decided on the very last minute that they would perform the official choreographer is long gone. So now what?!

Well we girls can whip up a quick and easy dance routine for girls or coed dances in a blink of an eye, but thinking of dance moves for a group of rowdy guys who only know how to do 'Dabang Dabang' on the stage is super difficult!

I found these group of guys doing great routines on Mehendi's and the dance moves are easy enough (after a few alterations) So just go ahead watch and teach your brothers/friends/uncles and have a great Sangeet!

I love how the groom dances at the end of this one!

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