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Real Wedding Jewelry, Store Review : Tanishq Vs Mehrasons Vs Kalyan

Warning : This review may be biased, because I love Tanishq. Also no one is paying me to write this, although I wish they were :/

My number one choice of wedding jewelry or rather any kind of jewelry would be Tanishq, somehow I can always find something there, and me and my mom have been shopping from there since a long time, we probably even know which design launched when, we are that loyal; and not wrongly so, I have never so far had any problem with any of their jewelry, I have absolutely no complaints, I love the designs they have and am more than happy that they have come up with jewelry at lower price range for everyday/work wear.

The necklace and the earrings, in the picture, are from Tanishq (South Ex. Part 1, Delhi) whereas the mang tikka and nath is from Mehrasons (South Ex. Part 2, Delhi). I LOVE my mangtikka and nath, absolutely in love with them, more than my set. It gives me great pain to say this but Mehrasons has better designs and way more variety than Tanishq, but...

I doubt the reliability of Mehrason's gold, why you ask?

1. I got 4 gold bangles from Mehrasons, one of which broke, YES BROKE within my first couple of months of wearing them, my mom's been wearing gold bangles all her life and I have never seen one break, although Mehrasons happily repaired the bangles, I was surprised this could happen.

2. The same bangles, that I have been now wearing for a year and a half, if I look closely at them I can see really tiny holes being formed on them, I remember we clearly told the sales person that we want bangles for everyday wear and they should be strong enough to hold the wear and tear.

3. My Mangal sutra, again from Mehrasons, hook broke from the chain end, again a few months after the wedding, we got that repaired, paid a little extra for whatever gold they had to put in and hoped for the best, we asked them to tighten the hook as it had once slipped and almost gotten lost (!).

Well they did what they could, and lets just say the hook wasn't as secure as it should be and as a result within a year of my wedding I lost my mangal sutra because it fell off my neck when we had gone to see a movie.

I don't obviously blame them for loosing my mangal sutra but I surly hope they would make their hooks a little more secure and tight so this doesn't happen to anyone else, I am super sad, I want it back :(

I hope whoever found it gives it to his wife/gf instead of selling it off.

So all in all, I am now too scared to buy anything at all from Mehrasons, and really worried about my mangtikka and nath because I do love them a LOT.

I mish you :(
Now I hardly wear anything on my neck :(
Random thought : If this was a hindi serial this would have been a HUGE up-shagun

Now through all this chaos Kalyan jewelers opened in Delhi, and I was super excited, ofcourse I was! New jewelry shop, endorsed by Aishwarya Rai! (Yup, she is the only celebrity that can get me to buy a brand just because she is representing it...ya I am like that..)

So when I lost my mangal sutra, the first thought that came to my mind was " Ye! I get to shop at kalyan!",

Tiny Tip : If you ever loose any expensive jewelry don't mention buying a replacement within 15 minutes of loosing it to your husband, it doesn't go well...Let just say now I don't know when I am getting a new one and its no longer an open discussion.....oops.

So when my MIL said lets go to Kalyan (we had to buy a gift for my SIL) ofcourse I got super excited, because even though we weren't buying for me real jewelry just gets me super excited!

So I entered Kalyan (Defense Colony, Delhi) with HUGE expectations only to be let down :/ , now don't get me wrong, they have loads of stuff and a lot of variety (specially in long necklaces) but they are not my kind, the gold is a bit towards the dull side, not in the antique dull way (those look gorgeous) but in a less bright way which I don't like, at all. So it was pretty much a let down for me.

But yes they have great variety in longer necklaces, probably the most variety I have seen so far, and the longer necklaces are actually quite good.

Also a plus point : Their stone jewelry (ruby, emrald, kundan,etc.) are WOW, they sparkle so nice and bright! This was probably the only time when I saw stone jewelry and went wow, I am usually more excited by gold.

As for price, I didn't find any difference between them and Tanishq, specially since they advertised how perfectly they price everything, infact (I am not sure) but I think Tanishq is less expensive.

 We couldn't get much discount on their 'making charges' again something that they advertised, and the sales man didn't tell us the making charges on his own, it was only after we asked,so I am a bit confused as to why are they branding themselves in the ads in such a way? Because if you go to any jeweler and ask specifically what the making charges are they tell you anyways....doesn't make sense. (Maybe I am interpreting the ads wrong..?! )

All in all, in my experience, in my PERSONAL experience I prefer Tanishq over any other jewelry brand and will probably only buy from them.

If you have any preferred Jewelry brand then please comment below and let us know, Thanks! 


  1. I rely on Tanishq too,but recently I bought from malabar gold (I think kareena is endorsing).. and yaa I am pretty much satisfied..

  2. i have bought from kalyan jewelery which is situated in borivali Mumbai


  3. Malabar gold is good - both in terms of design and price - I simply love tbz in terms if design and feel that their designs are better than tanishq - however tbz can be quite expensive at times - other option is joyalukas but I am not that big a fan of their designs

  4. I agree with you as far as Tanishq goes. Can trust their quality of diamonds and also the way the jewellery holds up.

  5. i recently discovered this gem of a shop at the gurgaon gold souk M.P. Jewellers. they had beautiful designs and were very transparent in their pricing break up plus it was hallmarked. i ended up purchasing a hath phool kadas and a set for a wedding in the family and all of them were beautiful. i got asked by everyone where i got my stuff from!

  6. Wonderful job i must say. I should appreciate your efforts in collecting jewellery designs from various jewellers and presenting to us.More indian design please visit.Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs

  7. I am always looking for new trends. According to me latest jewelry trend is smaller necklace and colored stone jewelry and Celtic jewelery.

    Custom Design Jewelry


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