Thursday, May 8, 2014

Do Grooms matter?

Well of course they do, for the obvious reason that is, they are the ones in charge of booking the Honeymoon...

We girls never do give them any credit, technically speaking its a big day for them as well, but end of the day it is the bride who picks the colors he is allowed to wear, or what kind of decorations would be there, what music is appropriate, etc.

I do remember over-ruling a couple of things my husband wanted in the wedding just because they did not fit into 'my view' of the wedding, and I have just realized it was probably a big day for him too. He wanted that rotatory varmala thing for the wedding which I hate! If you have been an old reader of the blog or if you follow me on twitter or instagram or facebook you would know how much I hate (and am terrified of) the rotating thing, and he wanted it, makes me wonder if he is unhappy that we didn't have it, he does point out all the 'unusual' varmala styles that happen in weddings that we attend.

Wait let me call him...

" Hi, Are you disappointed that we didn't have the rotating thing at our wedding?"
"Blog kar rahi hu, batao!"
"No disappointed to nahi hu, but dekh nay may achha lagta hai"
" Ap regret kartey ho ye baat?!?!?!!"
"Nahi, aisa nahi hai"

hmmm...... soo.....I guess he is ok with it...

Anyways, if you are a bride-to-be then how do you tackle this? How do you incorporate the boys view of the wedding into your own, I know I sound so mean right now, but when I was a Bride I wanted everything my way, and my only concern was its MY wedding.

Ask your man today, and if you are a Bride-to-Be, consider incorporating a few of his points into the wedding.

I have a question for you boys, (I know there are a few of you who read this blog, I got your mails!) So tell me are you genuinely not interested in any details of the wedding or do we girls just assume this, so that we can do whatever we want!
(girls please ask your boys and let me know in the comments)

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