Friday, December 26, 2014

Are Full Finger Rings the NEW Engagement Rings??

I saw this ad for diamond Finger rings and I was so certain if this had come out 2 years back then it would have certainly adorned my hand on my engagement, of course this is not something you can wear every day but can you imagine how awesome this would look on your engagement???

Friday, December 5, 2014

Things People Say At An Indian Wedding

Hi guys !

It's the Indian Wedding Season and I have been  to a LOT of weddings, and after you eat dinner and give the shagun there is not much to do except to evesdrop on other people's conversation ;)

So I got together with a few of my Indian Youtube buddies and we created :

"Things people say at an Indian Wedding"

Do watch it and leave your valuable comments !!! Also don't forget to share with your friends :)


Monday, December 1, 2014


Are weddings all about glitter, glamour and glow? Sometimes that’s all they seem to embody, with people carried away by fun, superficial but temporary matters - clothes, hairdos, venues and menus.

The truth is that a wedding isn't just a big party with a prince and princess playing ‘let’s dress up and have some fun’.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  ~ JRR Tolkien


A wedding is such a huge celebration because its about a couple starting a life together – an exciting life full of shared decisions, shared meals, a shared bed a home together.

How do you harness that glitter, glamour and glow and make it last through a long married life?  How do you ensure you don’t figure in the divorce statistics or worse still live in the confines of an unhappy marriage to the end of your days?

There are a few surprising things to work on to maintain the overall health of your marriage, and yourself. Some surprising and some so incredibly simple you may be tempted to gloss over them.

Be who you are to maintain the glow
When you met your partner you, hopefully, didn’t try to hide your authentic self in an attempt to make a good impression. You may have dressed it up a little with a clean shirt or some foundation but you didn’t wear a mask and pretend to be something you aren’t. It’s your true selves that attracted you to each other, that struck a chord and drew you together. Holding on to that person who you were before you married is important. This is particularly important in Indian culture where couples are exhorted to ‘adjust’. Specially women. Don’t mistake ‘adjust’ for ‘give up who you are because it’s inconvenient for others. ’

roli gaur vashihst

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pictorial : Indian Wedding Kids Wear!

Kids look cute No Matter what, but add a tiny Anarkali, Saree or Lehenga to that equation and you have your self a perfect mix of the cutest kids ever!

Have a look at inspiration pictures for Indian Wedding Kids wear! 

(Family Members kindly do not read into this,
 it is simply a Blog Post and nothing else, now stop hoping!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Floral Hair Style for the Bride

Girl!!! We have been seriously under doing Flowers ! I mean every time you think of flowers in an Indian Brides hair its mainly Jasmine (mogra) but once I started looking over at Pinterest I couldn't help but wonder why we don't incorporate more color!

Have a look at these pictures :

Friday, November 14, 2014

Gupta Tent : One of The Best Delhi Weddings

The minute any Wedding Card comes with the venue being Gupta Tent, me and my Husband get super excited, because the BEST DELHI WEDDINGS HAPPEN THERE!

Like amazing food and really good decor! I have so far attended two weddings there and both have been amazing. The catering is usually from Jain Caterers which again is amazing !

I have clicked a few pictures of the Decor have a look :

This is the entrance

I really liked the huge flower pots!

All tables had this little silverwear ! Plus the center table decor was just wow!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Nailpaints

Maybelline India Color Show Glitter Nailpaints have became my favorite things of all time! I absolutely love them!

I am wearing Bling on the Blue

With one single coat you get the amount of glitter that is impossible to achieve with any other Glitter nail paint!

It also drys up pretty fast! The only issue with it is that it is hard to comes off.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Banana Hair Mask!

My hair has been pretty lifeless these days and I am trying to get it back to normal.

Its been dry, frizzy, dull and has become super rough. I am trying to find out a homemade mask that can bring it back to life!

I tried overnight oiling but somehow it wasn't effective enough, I read somewhere that banana masks helps a lot, So here is what I did ;

Ingredients :

1. One Ripe Banana
2. Two Tsp. Honey
3. Two Tsp. Coconut Oil

What I did with it?
I mixed it all together in a mixie, making it a nice soft mixture.
I applied this mixture evenly on my scalp and Hair ends.
Wrapped my hair in a Shower Cap
and Kept it on for 30 min.

I washed it off, make sure to wash it off thoroughly!
I continued with washing my hair like I normally do, Shampoo, Conditioner and then Serum.

The only problem was that it was a little difficult to get tiny banana pieces out of the Hair :/ As for my Hair quality right away I couldn't feel any difference but once my hair dried off I could feel it become a little softer and shinier, I have only done it once, will do it a few more times and see if it my hair quality becomes better.

Have you tried any Homemade Hair Mask? If so what was your experience ?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Get Ready With Me for an Indian Wedding

It was my friend's wedding last Sunday and I was so super excited about it! I wore an Anarkali from my collection :)

It was a small wedding of about 250-300 people, and what I absolutely loved about it was, that the Bride and Groom had an opportunity to interact with each and every guest! They were both pretty chilled out and looked so happy and calm! Will ask her if she can send me pictures, she wore a beautiful red lehenga from Asiana Couture (Chandni Chowk) and her Makeup Artist was done by a girl from Toni and Guy.

I shot this little video while getting ready, doing my makeup and all! Have a look :

Make sure to watch it in 1080p !

Products used :

Monday, November 3, 2014

Product Review : B Blunt Temporary Hair Color

I have been waiting so long for a temporary hair color solution, and finally this seems the answer to all my prayers!

These are called 'One Night Stand' for the simple reason that they stay on for like a day or two and wash off with one wash.

I absolutely love the blue one! Although its not VERY deep in sense of coloring, you kind off have to spray a lot to get like a blue-blue color, it does however gives you a nice shade of blue when the light hits your hair right!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is your wedding not what YOU wanted? (VIDEO)

Ok so this happens a LOT,
You want a pink backdrop at your wedding the guy says its too girly.
You want a candid photographer your dad says its too expensive.
You tell your mom to let you buy suits from Fab India  for your trousseau she says Kanjeevaram.

So the wedding all in all doesn't really turn out the way you had envisioned it, now I know it wasn't the boys fault that Europe is deep in snow during December, but hey I was ok with a late honeymoon! But nah that didn't happen :/ I had to 'settle' with South Africa, not that I am complaining it was the best honeymoon I could have ever asked for, but lets just say it wasn't part of my dream.

But I kind of realized in the end that it is ok to let other people come and make little changes in your dream plans, if I had stuck to say Europe I would have never discovered the wonders of South Africa, and truth be told it was my first choice as well but I never told the boy thinking he will think I am mad, I mean its not really 'romantic' is it.

We are getting a little off topic here, I was talking to my friend the other day and she is getting married soon and going through something similar, she is so frustrated that the wedding isn't the one she imagined, So here is a little advice I gave to her :

Click the Link and watch it on YouTube!

Make sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dhoti Saree : What are your views?

I have a mixed view on Dhoti Saree, I love them and Hate them at the same time.
 Well mainly I hate them because I think a heavier frame girl, like me, won't really look all that good in them, after all it does highlight the thighs and your figure, and I would rather stick to a drape that hides more than it shows!

What are your views on them?

I really like Sonam Kapoor's Saree look, this would defiantly work for your best friends wedding.

I think the Dhoti Saree would also look really chic for Mehendi or cocktail, 
giving you a Modern-traditional Look.

By the way I found this awesome YouTuber (Makeup Guru) named Kaushal, and her makeup videos are to die for! Nobody is sponsoring me to do this, and that girl doesn't know either but I absolutely love her style! Check her out here :

Speaking of Youtube, the first Crazy Indian Wedding vlog is going to be out this Wednesday! Make sure you are subscribed here :

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quick and Easy Hairstyle For the New Bride (Bahu)!

Every one excepts the new bride to be perfect in everything! She is scrutinized and talked about, and most of the time there is never enough time to get ready! So here are some quick and easy hairstyles that you can quickly do and still look absolutely stylish!

Taken from All over Pinterest :P



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Photographer you NEED at your wedding! Meet Morvi!

What got you interested in Photography?

If I remember correctly, it all happened rather early. Dad got a Kodak point and shoot camera home back in the 1980s. And I guess that was just the beginning. The progression to make Photography an important part of my life happened naturally. I would sit in the library and stare at images for hours. They don’t have to be relevant. Just about any imagery is enough to activate my brain cells. I don’t think in works I think visuals.

What is your favorite moment in a wedding?

Seeing the look on the groom’s face when a bride first walks in her untouched grandeur for the first time is priceless.

Which is one picture that every girl must have on her wedding day?

For every father, his daughter is his princess and for a bride her father is the first man she ever fell in love with the man whom she would secretly compare every other man with. No wedding is complete without pictures highlighting this beautiful bond.

If a girl doesn't really have a budget for a candid photographer or the parents insist on a traditional 'studio' guy, what suggestion would you give.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knots and Hearts : The Wedding Planners YOU Need!

When I hear of Wedding Planners I always end up thinking of this creative group of people who sit together and decide a theme for your wedding and just take over everything, and they are basically just business people who take everything in a work-mode way, but then I read about Shyam and Kalash and I just really liked the fact that they just don't want to 'plan' a wedding they want you to experience it, and the best thing is that they understand that a wedding although centered towards the Bride and Groom is still a Family affair!

Two finance postgraduates, Shyam and Kalash met and love happened. What followed was a start of a beautiful love story which is still being written everyday.

With this knot that tied both their hearts together came the desire to share this happiness with every couple who wanted to make their wedding journey special. Hence was born Knots and hearts! Knots and Hearts, is geared up to make each day of your wedding a different experience. 

They believe that, wedding is special and has to be memorable not just for you but for your whole family. 
(and I totally agree on this!)

The end- to - end solutions for your entire wedding include venue, decor, entertainment, wedding trousseau, guest management to your honeymoon destination.

 A team of experts from various fields including wedding stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, jewelers, choreographers, wedding photographers and video experts to name a few...that fit into every budget, work with them to realize the bride/groom vision. (Sounds good, doesn't it?!)

Now I know Budget can be tricky and I always thought that Wedding planners work only with high budget weddings (after all, having no money constrain has its positives! ) So I went ahead and asked them what their thoughts are on this :

As we have always said that weddings have the emotional ingredient in them, thus planning each wedding involves a lot of detailing. Whether it is a 10 lakh wedding or a crore wedding, we ensure that the creativity and exclusivity is always at the high.
Coming to the budget on weddings, 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crazy Indian Wedding YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Hey Lovelies!!

First of all a very Happy Karva Chauth to you! Some of you might already know that I have been on YouTube since the beginning of this year, although those video's had a more comic feel to it, I am now launching the official 


Its one of a kind! The first Indian Wedding Vlog dedicated specially to the Bride-to-be! 
I am so super excited about it :) 


What is it about ?
Well its basically an extension to the blog, there are things that can't be explained in words and I would rather show them to you!

So far here is my plan (Let me know incase you want to add something to it) :

Remember how I spoke about a need for bridal helpline a week back, well here is my little way to help!
This section would contain Random talks about things that might be bothering you, during the wedding prep or as a new bride.

Things like : What to do when the wedding isn't turning out to be what you expected OR How to adjust into a new family OR just random questions that a lot of you ask me on the blog, twitter, email,etc.

I know I am not an expert and I won't pretend to be either, but will defiantly try to help you out as a friend!

What you defiantly need and what you can live without! As a Bride-to-be you would be buying a LOT of makeup but in my experience you don't really need that much! So this is me just sharing with you what worked out for me!

Ok so I am married and I would definitely not be buying for my own wedding, but I do have a lot of close family weddings coming up, plus as a Newly Wed (2years in Nov.) I defiantly still get a lot of Indian stuff ! So I will share those hauls with you guys!

I love to wear a Saree (!) and finding out new ways to wear them is also one of my pass times, again I am no expert but would love to share with you what I know :)

There are a LOT of topics I know absolutely NOTHING about and I would probably be getting an expert in to teach us stuff!
(PS: If you are an expert at something and would love to be part of this section contact me on

Well I was a dummy before but these 2years of marriage have made me a little better at makeup, I will be sharing with you the tips and tricks that I know :)

We have talked a lot about the benefits of home remedies, about how good uptan is for the skin and how cucumber gives you a glow, well its time I showed it to you!

Well that's whats planned so far, 
if you have any suggestions, any quires make sure to comment them down below!



Friday, October 10, 2014

We are getting FUN on Fridays!


Crazy Indian Wedding's Facebook Page is getting exciting on Friday! 

Every Friday we are sharing with you
 Crazy/Weird/Strange and Aww-worthy Traditions that we follow all over India! 

So make sure you have 'Liked' the page to know about them!

Also do share any that YOU know!
You might get a shout out :D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Facebook Question : What color Wedding Lehenga are you going to wear/did you wear?

I went onto Facebook last week and asked you guys 
What color Wedding Lehenga are you going to wear/did you wear??
(or what you think looks best on a bride?)
Here are some of the replies :

We clearly have 2 strong Teams and one in between! :

1. Team Red
2. Team Pink and
3. Team Gold



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What you should gift your Mother-in-Law on Karva Chauth?!


Its my 2nd Karva Chauth this year and my first in my Sasural! I spent my first Karva Chauth in my Maika like any newly wedded girl. So incase you didn't know already, if its your first Karva Chauth you get to go home! :D

Last year I wrote about what you should wear on Karva Chauth (specially if its your first!) read this to get reminded :

In fact I think after pooja, even this year I will wear my wedding lehenga :D or I might stick to a new saree, not sure yet because I do get to wear my wedding lehenga later this year for my brother's wedding, so I might just wear my Vidai wali saree or Phero wali saree, which are still technically my wedding attire. (Never seen my wedding pictures ?! See this : )

Anyways, last year my mother took care of everything and I didn't have to worry about anything at all, but since this year I am kind of taking a lead I have to buy things for my mother-in-law for Karva Chauth, I thought it was only a Saree that I had to gift her, but apparently not!

Anyways here is a list of things that you have to Traditionally gift your Mother-In-Law on Karva Chaut :
(Pohi/Sargi/Baya from Bahu to Saas)

1. Saree/ Suit : whatever your Mother-in-law prefers

Monday, October 6, 2014

A little chat with Lumos Films!

When I first heard of Lumos Films I was in love already, after all anybody who names their company after a Harry Potter Spell enters my list of favorite people!

I jumped onto their website and when I read 

" We capture the conversations you didn’t know we were recording, the flowers you had carefully picked but didn’t notice that day, your mother looking at you as you looked at each other.  We make a fim that reminds you of how it felt when you married him. Or her"

I read this and I was like "These girls KNOW a wedding", because yes you do pick out the flowers at your wedding and nobody really notices them, infact I completely forgot how much I agonized about which flower I wanted and completely forgot about them as the year passed!

Maybe that is an advantage of having an all girls team, they understand the fine workings of a Bride-to-be's mind ;) So I went ahead and we had a little chat :

1. I see that you have an amazing team, How did you guys come together ?

We have complimentary skills when it comes to film making and our wavelengths match. We'd already been making films on a variety of subjects before we decided to give our first wedding film a shot. There has been no looking back ever since!

2. What are each members favorite wedding moments!?

Shagun: I love seeing the reaction of the couple when they view the final wedding film.

Adhira: I like the baraat, because its full of energy and fun!

Namrata: I love the part where the panditji reads out the wedding vows. They are pretty hilarious, and he usually adds funny jokes that has everyone cracking up!       

Tanya: My favourite wedding moments are the short bytes that we take of the closest friends and family members and the quirky secretive insights of the couple that they share with us. 


3. A lot of brides feel their wedding won't be 'fun' enough to be captured as an epic video, sometimes parents just say no to things like a photo booth or the bride not acting like a 'bride', and prefer the things to remain traditional. Have you faced such as issue?

Usually the couple getting married are enthusiastic about, and take a call on hiring a service like ours. Some parents take time in warming up to the concept of creative wedding films as its relatively new, though most are happy to go ahead with what their daughters/ sons want. 

All weddings, whether traditional or non-traditional, offer a wide range of emotions. A memorable film is one that reflects all these emotions, ranging from exhilaration to intimate bittersweet moments. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wedding related Exhibition October 2014

Like last month here is a little advice for you :

The advantage of going to an exhibition which is not a huge international event is that you get to meet smaller, younger designers who have a different and unique take on things, so if you are looking for something 'different' then visiting such exhibition can be beneficial!

Here is a list of few exhibition happening in Delhi, October, 2014 :

Date: 1st October
Venue: The Lalit, CP

Exhibition by Ru Ba Ru
Date: 1st October
Venue: Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

The Pink Champagne Show
Date: 4th October
Venue: Eros, Nehru Place

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Facebook Question : Which song is the best for the bride to walk in on!?

I went onto Facebook last week and asked you guys 
Which song is the best for the bride to walk in on!? (except Din Shagna Da  )
Here are some of the replies :

Love this song

Oooh lovely!! 
I walked also walked on a Jodhaa Akbar song : 

Link Within

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