Friday, May 31, 2013

To my chubbier friends

Our counterparts across the world to some extend do not have an issue finding a plus size gown while we, we are looked down upon when we enter a bridal store. "Ap kay size may nahi hai" " Ye he design miley ga", "Aur nahi hai" 

It isn't the bigger shops that cause us this pain, its the smaller vendors. While I fit into most Frontier Raaz size the ones that I didn't or the fellow chubbier brides beside me didn't they would happily and quietly fit it on with a belt.

 It was at shops like Chhabra 555 where I got quiet a shock. I had gone with my friend to get her lehenga for my wedding and she is a bit like me, probably a little heavier but a normal chubbish girl. It was there where we heard "Ma'am hum ap k size mein nahi banatey" then they started showing us old styles which our mothers used to wear claiming "yahi aaye ga". We decided to chuck lehenga and started looking at this beautiful chiffon Saree "Ma'am ye ap k upar teek nahi lagay gi ap koi crepe ya silk ki lelo" I felt like slapping that sales man. As I approached the manager to complain I found out he was saying something similar to another girl!!

These stupid salesman and idiotic people who idealize the perfect Bride image are @!#$@#!!##!

So my dear Chubby friends don't worry because these people will still be sitting and spending their life in their shops while your out there getting married to the man of your dreams, to the man who loves you no matter what, to the man who loves you because your not all sticks and bones.

Crazy Indian Bride
Fighting Fat Since 1988

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre- Wedding Pictures : Unique places to get your picture clicked

I am sick and tired of looking at people's pre-wedding shoot or Save the Date shoot with the same/similar background. 

If your in Delhi then Hauz Khas Village has became the 'adda'.

 I have lost count of the number of pre-wedding shoot I have seen with an old ruin and charming trees. 

Fiance playing with your hair while your sitting on the edge of a window, on an old building over looking a lake.

Both of you looking into each others eyes with the backdrop of an old door.

Peaking out from tree's like old bollywood star.


I am all for romance but come on, play with it a little. 
Your young! Be truly different and bring out your personality!

A good photographer can capture a great shoot any and every where!


1. Book shop/ Library 

2. Coffee shop

3. Amusement Parks

4. On a rickshaw, auto.

Couldn't find a picture....if you have one let me know.

5. Old unused railway tracks (btw, if you feel vibrations than its probably not unused....)

There are probably a million more ideas.
 So how do you choose one for you and your boy??

 Shoot at a place which best defines the both of you. 

So what if peaking out from trees is an over used idea if it defines YOU than do it!
 But if its just something that's a symbol of romance then dont! 

You don't need a romantic place to Romance.

CIB's place of preference :

This graffiti wall near Shivalik

Why : Coz it defines me and the boy. 

A splash of color to brighten up an otherwise dull place.

So Brides-to-be and Candid Photographers time to think outside the box!!

Coming Soon...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deneemotion : Wedding Cinematographer Extraordinaire

Big words in this title suits the bigger profile it comes with.

Deneemotion is a team of highly experienced filmmakers and photographers based in Central London, but offering coverage nationwide and worldwide. Voted number 1 in London and 9th in the world.

Crazy Indian Wedding Ask's :

1. What is your best part about a wedding?

 The best thing about being a wedding cinematographer is the opportunity to share a special day with the couple and their friends. Another thing that we feel blessed about is traveling worldwide to shoot weddings. We've been several times to New York, France, Italy, Dubai, Croatia, The Caribbean, Montenegro, Cyprus and the list is growing. We hope our work will take us to India one day as we filmed about 70 Indian weddings in the UK.

2. One wedding you will never forget.

One of the best weddings that we had a pleasure to work at was in Dubai. The function was held by the beach and everyone was so relaxed we even forgot the primary purpose of our arrival for a second :) 

3. Any Bloopers??

Bloopers happen a lot, but this is only natural as everyone is anxious and of course, nervous. The most importnat thing is to smile any troubles away.

Know about them more :
Like them on Facebook :
Follow on Twitter :

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eight Tips For A Stress free Wedding

Guest Post by

So, your wedding day is just around the corner, and you are hyperventilating? Trust us: this happens to most brides; after all an Indian wedding is a huge affair. Chances are that several guests maybe lodging at you place. You might even have to share your room with cousins. There may be late night events, pre-wedding parties and get-togethers. All these can sometimes take a toll on your health and mental well being. But, keeping a few things in mind can help you greatly.  Here are 8 essential tips every bride must know for a stress free wedding:

1) Plan everything to the smallest detail but remember Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The key here is to not sweat the small things out. Relax, take a deep breath and repeat this to yourself: “I cannot control this situation, but I can certainly control how I react to it.” Adopt a mantra like this or others like “I am at peace”, or “I am feeling good”. Such thoughts can help you feel better about goof ups.

2) Do not always place your wedding guests in the forefront- It is natural that you want everyone to have a great time at your wedding, but please do not hold yourself responsible if they don’t’. After all; you can only please some people some of the time and not all of your wedding guests all the time.
3) Take an assessment of things you can and cannot handle: There are always people in your life whom you can count on and delegate important things to them. But there are things which you need to take care of, by yourself. So, do make a list of things that are likely to cause stress and try and avoid them if you can. If needed, take your parents into confidence and tell them how you feel.

4) Meditate:  Do try and take a few deep breaths every now and then to relax and let it all out. If possible, go for a short walk, meditate or take a short nap (if your guests and schedule allows it) when things get too much to handle. Some calming music or aromatherapy essential oils can also help you relax and de-stress.
5) Stay connected with your fiancĂ©: If it helps, stay in touch with the groom-to-be. He is probably in the same (rocky) boat you are in, and when you get a chance, get on the phone and talk to him.
6) Cut yourself some slack- It is okay not to be in control all the time. You are feeling jittery and that is okay too. There may be some underlying issues that you have not addressed: maybe you are afraid of the lifetime commitment or the change that is about to come into your life. Talk to a friend who has been through the same. It is even a good idea to discuss these things with a counselor.
7) Write it down-Jotting down your thoughts and feelings from time to time can all help you identify the root causes of your anxiety. We often have many emotions bottled up that we are unable to express. Writing down is a good method of identifying them.

8) Pamper thy self- Go for a relaxing spa, massage or even a facial. Think of these indulgences as are necessities for staying balanced during this stressful period. is a wed site which offers invaluable tools for planning an Indian wedding in the country or abroad.  Weddingsonline promises to be with brides, grooms and the families  throughout the wedding planning phase, the D-day  and even thereafter!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grooming the Groom

I just went to a wedding recently and the groom looked like he had just washed his face, put on the sherwani and he was ready! While most grooms also try and shave just before dressing up, this one was a little too extreme, he had the end of the day stubble look. While that works perfectly for a date after a long days work, for your wedding even YOU the Groom needs to look their best!!

chocolate facial anyone?!

Pre-wedding :

A few months before take out some 'me' time.

1. Go to a salon get a facial, manicure, pedicure and hair spa done. Repeat it every month! ideally you should start asap, but make sure you are on it atleast 3 months before!!

2. Wash your face daily at night!

3. Ask your mother/sister to make you some homemade packs or atleast uptan, Ubtan is the best way to improve your skin and de-tan, plus its the least embarrassing one to ask for.
Don't know how to make one?? Read it here, along with other home solutions (works for both boy and girl skins)

4. For Dark Knees and elbows just rub some sugar and lemon on it. (Put sugar in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon and then using the lemon as a loofah dip it in the mixture and rub it on knees or elbows)

5. Sunscreen is your best buddy!! Save the tanned look for post honeymoon. Every single morning put on your sun screen. For Indian Skin SPF 30-50 works well.
(There is an SPF 100 from Lotus, not sure if its useful or what, have you used it?!)

Week of the wedding :
 Get your teeth cleaned from a dentist, how ever pretty they might be get them cleaned from a dentist.

3 days before functions : 
1. Get a facial done , not on the day of an event but 3 days before!
2. Manicure-Pedicure
3. Hair Spa
4. Body Polish ( this is to make your skin look nice, shiny and healthy)
5. Body packs
6. If your tooo hairy then a bleach and waxing or shaving would be good too...ask your bride-to-be

On the Day of the wedding :
Since you'll be getting makeup done later in the day its best to not let anyone put haldi on your face. (and yes you will be getting makeup done)
Go for a proper shave
Get Groom makeup done
sherwani's patka draped and viola your ready!!!

Groom Makeup

What is it??
No they won't put lipstick on you! But what they will do is make your skin look amazing. Groom makeup majorly consists of a proper foundation. The Best kind is an Airbrush makeup or an HD makeup, depending upon your skin type.

Aashmeen Munjal
Is it expensive??
Compared to Bridal makeup its pretty cheap. Starting from Rs. 5,000 for Airbrush makeup done from top names like Aashmeen Munjal. To give you an idea, Bridal Airbrush Makeup from such star names starts from Rs. 20,000. So yes its cheap.

Where can I get it done??
So far I only know Aashmeen Munjal who does this, and I have seen a groom who got it done from her and he looked great. On the day of the wedding I could sense there is something different about him he looks more 'prince-charming' type, but thought of it as a pre-wedding glow (do guys get that ?!) it was quite later he told me he had makeup on. So CIB certainly vouches for Aashmeen Munjal.

 I have called up Lakme and Vidya Tikari both says they don't do groom makeup.

To get more information its easiest to ask your bride-to-be to help you out on this, her makeup artist might be able to suggest somebody. Or ask your local salons.

Readers if you know anyone who does groom makeup than please help and comment below.

Why should I get it done??
 Remember you'll be standing next to your dazzling princess. She has been working towards this ever since you popped the question. For her, be the perfect other half.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Product Review: Everyuth Golden Glow peel off mask

Its been quite a while since I have written any product review, I guess I have gotten pretty lazy after marriage and havn't really been taking care of myself. After Esha's article on the blog about being Not just a perfect Mrs. but a perfect YOU , it got be back on my skincare regime. 

On a visit back home I was quite surprised with my sisters skin, it was glowing! the way skins do in movies!

Her secret : she had been using 'Everyuth Golden Glow peel off mask' every week for just a month! 

A MUST for all Brides-to-be!! 

I used it after her advice and it showed results in the first use!!
 Its my pre-party basic now! 
(PS : Works on Boy's skins too..... *looks sheepish* )

How to Use
Wash face, pat skin dry. Apply evenly over your face avoiding eyes and mouth ( do not apply a very thin layer ). Let it dry for 15 - 20 minutes. Peel off from forehead in a downward direction towards chin and wash off. For best results, use atleast once a week.

Rs. 60 -80 (not sure, but that range)

CIB Warning : Do not apply a thin layer! it hurts too much to remove, apply a nice thick layer.

Who wore it better??

Nath seems to be quite a fashion statement at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Who wore it better??
Sonam Kapoor with her regal looks or Vidya Balan with her old world charm???

Would you consider this fashion statement?? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Free Wedding Websites Giveaway!!

Yes my darling readers!

Wedding9 is giving away free wedding websites to 10 lucky CIW readers!!

10 Lucky Crazy Indian Wedding Readers get FREE wedding Websites from Weddings9!!!

All you have to do is write in to with subject Weddings9 and get your special code :)

Don't miss out on this opportunity!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What are your Anniversary plan??

My 6 months anniversary is coming up!
Any plan suggestions??

and talking about anniversary what are your plans for your next wedding anniversary??

 Its going to be boys and mine first anniversary this November and I guess a lot of my fellow bloggers would be turning 1 as well.

Whats the plan??
What did you do and/or plan to do ??

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weddings9 : Invite your guest in style!

Wedding9 has come as THE Dream Solution to Brides all over the world! Its never been easier to get great invitation cards sitting right at home.

Like any Delhi bride I made that dreaded trip to the galli's of Chawadi Bazaar.

Finding the perfect wedding card which reflected not just the theme but me as a bride was a tough and tiring task.

Lucky you though, all YOU have to do is log in to

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's special : Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom , what to wear?!?!

Confused what to wear to your daughter's or son's wedding??

Don't know what to tell your mom to wear!?!?

See below for Mother of the Bride and/or Mother of the Groom Inspiration pictures!

Bonus pictures below!

Love the embroidery on the saree!

North Indian Bride and South Indian Bride

I just realized I have a very rare picture! 

Real South Indian Bride and Real North Indian Bride Wedding dresses together.

My friend wore her wedding Saree on my wedding!

So to those who keep wondering why we North Indians call a South Indian bride simple and why the North Indian Bride is like tubelight for south Indians this is probably the best example!

OMG! I love these! Carry your phone every where!

Remember when I told you that you don't need your phone on the wedding day while we were discussing the need (rather not the need) of a bridal bag HERE

Well if you still think you really need your phone around and can't survive without it! You just HAVE to update 'on second phera, moving onto third' , then here's what to buy!!

Get more details of this gorgeous pair of heels on this page

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday = Movie and dinner.....Nah! we are not like that.

Its always good to keep up 'dating' post marriage keep the fun alive. So what do you do? movie and dinner every single week?? Quick get away 2 days trips?

Quick getaway trips are best reserved for a long weekend and movie and dinner became quite boring in a while.

We call our Sundays 'Random Sunday' where we dress up, take our car and just drive. Its in route to no where when we decide what to do.

Here is how it begin...

We were on our way to CP for just loitering around and dinner when we saw this on the road :

We then did the only logical step possible...followed it :P

And we found our self in the middle of an old car exhibition!

We had so much fun looking at old cars and deciding which ones we want, we decided that 'Random Sundays' would became our ritual.

Other Random Sundays :

- Went to the planetarium.

Although the show timing were over, we walked around and saw these amazing parks which had sooo many peacocks!! and the chotu sa canteen that they have has amazing samosa's! There are cats and peacocks that roam around inside the canteen area as well!

- Watched a Play @ kamani , while out driving we saw a poster that said Theater festival! and we knew we had to go!

- National Science Centre
We watched an animated 3D movie (really bakwas but very funny) plus we played a LOT of 'scientific' games @ the museum

- Punjabi Organisation Baisakhi Festival @ Siri Fort 
Found this function online while driving and we had to go! there were a lot of famous punjabi singers out of which I remember Miss Pooja as one of the names.

So its easy to get in if your punjabi coz you are pre-informed and you get to be a member of the society. But since we weren't members or Punjabi's we sweet talked out way into the event :D

-Mika Concert
This wasn't entirely random, we saw the posters a couple of days ago and boy got me tickets as a surprise to celebrate our 1yr 1 month engagement anniversary :)

Unfortunately the last minute ticket rush  got us tickets in the very last barrier no seating. We bribed our self to VIP and then everyone just broke down the barriers to get to the VVIP section. Watched the concert standing on top of chairs and danced the night away :)

-This Sunday we visited the Delhi Ridding Club (yes there is one) and Delhi Gymkhana (no we are not members and no we didn't pay)


There are a list of things! Delhi has unusual surprises if your willing to explore!

If I list out number of things for you to do then it won't be random, so next time instead of just movie and a dinner drive around and find something new.

Here's a little help for you, check these sites when your out :

3.  (CIB highly recommends this one! easy to read!)

Go and explore on your own now!!

Hint : There is a magic show by PC Sorcar on the 10th.

What is it that you like to do on a Sunday?? Any suggestions for the Crazy Indian Bride??

Monday, May 6, 2013

The perfect Mrs. – A reality or a myth?

 Top 5 finalist of "Mrs.India WorldWide 2012"

Winner: Mrs. Beautiful Hair 2012



The perfect Mrs. – A reality or a myth?
"Is there a perfect Mrs”?

Hey Friends,

Today I got an opportunity to share my views with you through "". 
I was requested to share my views on "HOW TO BE A PERFECT Mrs."?

But I would say why just try to be a ‘PERFECT Mrs.’ and not a ‘PERFECT GIRL/WOMAN? I strongly believe if you try hard enough, nobody can stop you from being ‘PERFECT’ in your own life.

NOBODY can stop you -
·         From maintaining your personality in terms of beauty, weight, looks etc.
·         From doing what you want to do in your life. 
·         From taking good care of yourself. Yes, why not? If you can take care of others in the family, you can take care of you as well,

BUT you have to do it. Only you.
So, here are few things in my opinion what makes a girl PERFECT, doesn't really matter if you’re married or not.

We are talking about ‘PERFECTION’ in this article, but in reality NOBODY in this world is PERFECT. There is no dictionary definition of a perfect woman. If you strive to become one, then the one thing you will definitely achieve is stress.  The only way to be PERFECT in your own life is "Be Happy". :-)
  • I have observed that girls at times take it too easy post-marriage. They act a bit casual on their beauty regime, with their weight, skin care, hair care, learning’s, even with their hobbies, passion etc. (CIB says: Guilty!) I would say or rather request you girls, "DON’T change yourself". Believe in yourself, in your beauty, your knowledge, your passion and you can do wonders in your life. 

  • Exercise daily, take care of your beauty, read & harvest your knowledge, follow your dreams, take your hobbies, your passion seriously irrespective of the marital status. Remember, you’re doing all this for you and NOT for anybody else.

  • Tell yourself, you are beautiful & do your best and always remember you can't make everyone happy in this world. There will always be some people who will like you & others who won't but it’s their problem, not your's.

  • Look beautiful; take care of your skin by regular skin care- cleansing, scrubbing, toning & moisturizing.

  • Take care of your Hair: 3 steps are always important as a daily exercise: Shampoo+Conditioner+serum. Don’t brush your hair when it is sopping wet, it’s more likely to break and result in split ends.

  • Wear dresses that suit your personality & style which you can only define for yourself.  Wear colors that suits you.

  • Marriage is like a merger of two companies where employees have different cultures but they work together towards a common goal by maintaining good values & relationship and this can only be done by setting correct expectation. Understand people, their culture & let people understand you as well.

 Don't forget, “The ONLY way to be a PERFECT girl or women in your own life is to ‘Be Happy’. A smile on your face makes you look the best.” :-)
Follow your heart & wear your smile daily.  :-)

Signing out for now,
Twitter: @eshatewari

CIB says : Thank you Esha, I guess we all need that pep talk to find our way back to ourselves!

Also see haircare tips by Esha on


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