Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre- Wedding Pictures : Unique places to get your picture clicked

I am sick and tired of looking at people's pre-wedding shoot or Save the Date shoot with the same/similar background. 

If your in Delhi then Hauz Khas Village has became the 'adda'.

 I have lost count of the number of pre-wedding shoot I have seen with an old ruin and charming trees. 

Fiance playing with your hair while your sitting on the edge of a window, on an old building over looking a lake.

Both of you looking into each others eyes with the backdrop of an old door.

Peaking out from tree's like old bollywood star.


I am all for romance but come on, play with it a little. 
Your young! Be truly different and bring out your personality!

A good photographer can capture a great shoot any and every where!


1. Book shop/ Library 

2. Coffee shop

3. Amusement Parks

4. On a rickshaw, auto.

Couldn't find a picture....if you have one let me know.

5. Old unused railway tracks (btw, if you feel vibrations than its probably not unused....)

There are probably a million more ideas.
 So how do you choose one for you and your boy??

 Shoot at a place which best defines the both of you. 

So what if peaking out from trees is an over used idea if it defines YOU than do it!
 But if its just something that's a symbol of romance then dont! 

You don't need a romantic place to Romance.

CIB's place of preference :

This graffiti wall near Shivalik

Why : Coz it defines me and the boy. 

A splash of color to brighten up an otherwise dull place.

So Brides-to-be and Candid Photographers time to think outside the box!!

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