Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tradition #1: Sister's and Cash Flow

A lot of you have written in to ask about 'traditional' part of the wedding and if I could throw some light on it, So here you go :

What better way to start the 'Traditional' series than with the most interesting traditions (which involves a pocket money hike for all us girls ;P )

Indian weddings are a great way to make that extra pocket money, all you have to do is be born as the sister of the groom or the bride :P

If you are the real sister of the groom or bride then you can certainly expect gifts and shagun ka lifafa aka cash on almost each wedding function. So every time your brother/sister gets something, so do you!

Ofcourse the brides Saree's or the grooms sherwani would be a tad more expensive then your salwar kameez and the shagun ka lefafa would not be as fat but hey, something is better than nothing :P

Here are some other situations where you can expect some cash flow your side :

1. Sehra Bandi
When your brother sits all dressed up just waiting for the pagdi to be put on his head, make sure to stand next to him. See that fat envelop your mothers holding, its coming your way!

2. Ghudchadi
The Groom is all set to ride out in his white horse to get the girls of his dream,, but wait! The horse has to be fed first! And that responsibility falls on the head of the Sister of the Groom. You have to feed the horse channa and gudh, for your hardwork :P you get another 'shagun'.

3. Ribbon cutting
When the Barati's arrive at the door and you see your jijaji walking towards you, towards the entrance. You, the Sister of the Bride should be ready with a ribbon tied across the entrance gate, No Mr. Groom you can not enter without paying an entrance fee to your Saali's. Only when you give a satisfying amount will the groom be given a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and enter.

4. Jhoota churai
The most famous of all Indian Wedding traditions, when the bride's Sisters steal the Grooms shoes during phera's and ask for money later when he is about to leave. So many songs and movie sequences have been made portraying this tradition.

5. Darwaza rokna
Your brother is back home with your new bhabhi and ofcourse they need to bribe there way into the house. So Sister of the Groom be ready to stop your bhaiya-bhabhi at the doorsteps and let them not enter till they pay a good enough amount!

Those are the top 5 and the most common traditions that include the Sister of the bride and groom. There are a lot more, I went to a wedding where the Groom's brothers and Sisters stopped the Groom from climbing up the stage and wouldn't let him go till he paid them.

Do you know any other part of the Indian Wedding where the Sister's or Brothers get paid??

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