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Wedding Vows : What I wrote on "10 Jewelry Must Haves"

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Anyways to the lazy bones who didn't bother :P , Here is what I wrote, It was in fact a blog 'Readers Request' 

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Must Have Jewelry Trousseau 

You have the perfect lehenga ready for the big day and you have thought of the right amount of jewelry you want to compliment it with, but have you thought beyond…

There is something about a newlywed that makes everyone go “Awwww.. isn’t she pretty” even if the poor girl is wondering if her saree pleats are going to open up and is smoky sexy makeup really ok for a family dinner?! “Do I know any other kind” she wonders fiddling with her family heirloom.

1.      A Family Heirloom: If you have something that’s been passed on from generations to generations, then lucky you! However, not a lot of families have a ‘royal’ tradition of passing down priceless pieces, what you can do is ask your mother if she has something that belonged to your nani, which she used to wear and was later worn by your mother. You can even start the tradition by asking for one of your mother’s jewel to pass on. It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece of jewelry, it can simply be a ring or a pair of Jhumka’s, after all a heirloom is not a heirloom because it is pricy, it’s a heirloom because it has history. (My mom refuses to give my nani's Jhumki's to me, I think I will start a online protest soon, will you join me in my fight?)

I got to wear them on Pooja Function of the wedding

2.      Gold Set: Gold is never out of fashion, it’s classic, elegant and timeless. Every girl needs at least 2 sets. One heavy and one light. The light one can be worn to dinners, friend’s weddings and at festivals. The heavy set comes in handy for a wedding in the family. If you want to wear gold at on your wedding day, but don’t want to buy a very heavy set then layer a couple of sets together to create a ‘heavy’ look and then later wear them separately. (A lot of girls wear a small necklace near the neck and a long one, although the long ones are super expensive!)
I didn't wear a long one, I felt I already had too much going on, plus they don't look good on me

3.      Ruby: While Diamond might be a girl’s best friend, Rubies are the soul sisters. I would strongly recommend buying a light weight Ruby. Any time when you’re unsure if the party you’re going to is a big red carpet bash or a small gathering at someone’s newly opened store, Ruby’s blend in. They make you look glamorous without being too on-the-face. ( I was never a ruby girl but have been in love with my ruby set post wedding, its easy to carry off, matches almost everything and makes you look good without making you look 'blinged' )

4.      Diamonds: How can a jewelry list be complete without them? If you don’t want to spend a lot on a diamond set, then I do recommend buying Diamond earrings and rings. They are great to wear every day and go with almost all outfits. ( A small diamond pendent looks great too )
I find this size the best for a diamond necklace.
 You get good diamonds in a nice price range and more practical wear from this.

5.      Mangalsutra: While this has become one of the most prominent feature of a married women, all thanks to the serial bahu’s, it is not really a part of culture all across India. A mangalsutra however does have its advantage, little tiny black and gold beads adorning your neck all the time eliminates your mom or mother-in-law from complaining why you have nothing in your neck, while you get to keep it simple.

6.      Polki and Kundans: Both create a ‘wow’ factor and are certainly statement pieces, they also do create quite a statement on the bill! If you can, then buying real Polki and Kundan makes great heirloom pieces. However if you want to go easy on the pocket, there are a lot of good imitation jewels and only a trained eye can make out the difference. ( I dont know why, but kundan doesn't look good on me, it just doesn't, I must have tried a lot of pieces on and there was only one that made me look 'wow', and well lets just say the price tag made us go 'wow' too :P )

Can someone please tell me the difference between Polki and Kundan?

7.      Cocktail Rings: Buy loads of them! They are fun and add a little personality to you. You can wear them with your Saree’s, with your LBD’s, at a wedding or at a fashion event. ( Real/Fake you can get any, but if you are a 'real' loving girl like me then Tanishq has some good options, I just went a few days ago )

8.      Big Huge Earrings: Same as the cocktail ring, a statement earring can make any outfit glamorous. Buy different kinds and colours. Get Jhumka’s, meenakari, swaroski, Kundan, Silver, and anything else you can find.

9.      Bangles:  Here is a little tip to make your bangles match everything without having to buy ‘sets’ with every single piece of clothing. Get a lot of Gold and silver color Bangles in different designs, when you buy a set of bangles to match with your outfits these are the ones the chudiwala puts in between, and these are the ones that cost the most! Just buy plain glass bangles to match your clothes and use the same gold or silver ones with all. ( Your mom and your mother-in-law might insist on buying real gold bangles while you would try to reason it out to them that you dont need them, trust me they wont listen to you :/ )

10.  Attitude! Because that’s the best jewel you can carry. ( You go girl! )

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