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How to Pose? Advice for Honeymoon Pictures and Inspiration for Wedding Ones.

It goes without saying that any picture you take on your wedding day will come out perfect!

You ask "why?", well you spent almost a lac getting ready for this big day I am sure its worth your money.But that is just a small contribution to making you look good. Yes 1L is a small contribution.  The biggest is your smile.

When you are the happiest you can be, all pictures are bound to come out good, and trust me natural pictures look way pretty than posed one. So why this post?

Now there are few brides and girls out there whose lives are dictated by how many likes did her profile pic get, how many people commented.  Is my wedding picture more liked than that of my friend?

If you are not that girl then it really wont matter and ypu would probably tell me such examples are taken just to exaggerated and nothing else, I used to believe that too till I met such a girl, her life is only and only facebook and her idea of fun is getting the perfect picture for her fb profile. For those of us who don't really care and are more concerned with making memories such people are a source of constant annoyance.

Anyway,  getting back on topic. This is a quick guide on how to pose or rather which pictures would look 'awesome' and just general posing advice (no I am not an expert, I found these online)

If a candid photographer is out of your budget and you would rather stick with a studio one then the inspiration pictures for you at the end is good, because studio photographers are not so good at 'pose' creation. So just study the few you like and replicate at your wedding, or pre-wedding shoot or honeymoon.

See it here : http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2012/05/02/54-portrait-ideas-free-downloadable-posing-guide/ or click to enlarge.
Ok so this wont really matter when you are wearing a lehenga but you can keep this advice for pre-wedding shoots and honeymoon pictures.  
Would work great when you are wearing a chudidar or skinny jeans.
A mehendi picture like this to show off your legs mehendi? what say?!
The slight bend elongates your leg, me likes :)
This totally works, I have infact actually used a hat to hide my butt on one of my honeymoon pictures...shh..i was going through a fat day. (read: eat too many pastries the day before)
and if you dont have a prop handy you can use your hand.

Random Points :

Hand on Hip : Is too over done, if all your pictures are hand-on-hip people will start to wonder if its stuck or something?! It is the most comfortable 'model' pose that in a way makes everyone look 'oomph' but dont over do it please.

Find your angle : There are some girls who look gorgeous every single way, all they have to do is get up in the morning, and then there are us, the normal people who don't make a living out of just looking gorgeous. On the wedding day your makeup artist would have probably made you look perfect from each angle but its always better to know which is your best side. How do you find it out? Selfies! yes they are useful for once, just click loads of them and you would know which you like. Another way of finding out is which picture got the maximum 'likes' on facebook and just check out what pose or angle were you in.

What looks good on you : Lehenga Vs Anarkali Vs Saree , what looks good on you? if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you click good. Simple logic. If you are not sure what looks good on you then read this http://goo.gl/EDOsRo

Posed Candid : Oh yes I said it, come on I am sure you have all 'posed' for that oh-he-just-clicked-me-while-I-was-looking-away-dreamily picture. Trust me these pictures look good. Nobody is fooled that a person was actually clicking pictures while you talked or laughed away with your best friend and you didn't even notice, but whatever be said the end result is always good.

Lighting : This is probably important. To get a perfect picture keep your face towards the sun. Best pictures come out at Dusk and Dawn. Sometimes when you need the perfect memory and are so excited to click a picture, and when you do the sun is in all the wrong places and whatever you do you can not get it to light up your face. Here is what to do :

I call these silhouette pictures, me and boy love taking these!
We took this on our honeymoon

You will get loads of articles on How to take a perfect picture or how to make a great pose or how to get the perfect profile picture? I am probably not the best person to answer but this was my little bit to make your wedding pictures perfect. You can google to read more :P

Here are a few inspirational wedding pictures to make yours better :

This is a great idea for pre-wedding shoot, and if you are having a day wedding.

How about you get your friends to do this and both of you stand in the middle?!

We have seen so many pictures of the bridal outfit just laying there waiting for the bride, this is another great idea for the bride to just be looking at her dream outfit.
or how about a picture of the Mother-of-the-bride looking at the lehenga?

A royal Picture, I love this one, do get one clicked where you are sitting like a queen!

Pre-wedding shoot to later hang in your room. Me loves! But how would you get such perfect angles?

The Back pictures:

How about both of you leaning on opposite sides of the door.

with fire crakers, how about anar's?

How to get many people in frame without having to take the whole background?
Instead of the group standing in a straight line make them stand in a little U formation.

Great fun for a pre-wedding shoot!
Me wants!

or if paints and holi colors are too done then how about a pillow fight?

Hope this has helped, have fun!

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