Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing: A recent bride, who wants to share her wedding journey!

Every morning I read my mails as soon as I wake up. So there is me lying on bed one eye open reading through mails to find something interesting which would help me plan my day or act as a pick-me-up. 

Twitter : "So and So celebrity twitted so and so" ya whatever, delete.
Spam : " Official mail from RBI " like RBI needs to write to me, delete.
Facebook : " Your recent post is doing well, promote it " The bank wont give me a credit card, cant do this.
Meetup : "Learn to promote your brand online" hmm,, save to read later.
Twitter : " You have a new follower" ye! :D
Random : "improve your SEO" I have no idea what SEO is and how it will help the blog. I refuse to search about it.
PeachesandBlush mailer Save to read later
Random : " I love your designs can you give me a discount?" eerr...ok will try, save to read later.
Some Forienger : " I would love to write for your blog" hmm,,, you are not even Indian?! What would you know...chalo will save for later.
Ankita : "The new bahu stage is nowhere, as I am not in the same city as my husband and his family. My long distance relationship is now a long distance marriage." *rub my eyes* did I read this correct. Oh ya, I remember asking her how her new life post wedding is. Isn't she the reader who wanted to write for the blog?

But why, I asked her?
The reason I want to get associated with Crazy Indian Wedding is because I really like the blog, I've been a regular reader; I've got a lot from here and I'd love to give back to the blog and its readers. Also it'll be an outlet for my itch to write.

She wanted to write her own blog, but has been putting it off for a while, and since CIW is an open forum for all who want to help the bride-to-be and beyond, we welcome her on board. 

Here is a little bit about her, in her own words : 

A go-green freak, a 5 year old trapped in the body of a 25 year old, a book lover, a food junkie and a shopaholic having more clothes and shoes than the rest of the family put together – that’s me.

Source :

I am quirky, crazy, incorrigible and loveable and I love me that way. I have always loved everything to do with an Indian wedding (which of us doesn't?) and now that my own wedding took place less than 2 months back, I am crazier than ever. So here I am, telling you all about me and my crazy journey to my wedding in a series of guest posts on Crazy Indian Wedding, where Roli has very graciously and kindly given me a chance to share.

I am an HR professional, did my MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and that is where I met my husband, in April 2012. We met on the very first day and both felt an instant click that ensured that despite academic pressures, jobs in different cities and fights and misunderstandings we were always back together. And today, we’re married within one and a half years of first seeing each other.

Ours is a quintessential ‘boy meets girl’ story. We met, we felt connected but were too silly to realize what it was. Spent more and more time together, wanted to meet each other all the time and still kept saying “we’re just friends” to everyone and ourselves. Academic pressures and different sections in college meant that we drifted apart but after being angry at each other for not keeping in touch, we somehow came together again and this time finally realized we were in love.

Source :

One day in January, when we were planning to go out for a movie, he made an excuse and called me to his room. He put a string of my favorite black pearls around my neck, my favorite song playing in the background and candlelight flickering in the room. He asked me if I loved him too, and that moment we knew we were going to get married and neither of us needed a proposal.....

Source :

We spoke to parents in April 2013, and they immediately agreed. They met each other in June and the engagement was date was set for July and wedding date for November.

I had almost no time, I had to find everything from engagement dress to wedding lehenga to wedding saree to jewellery to bangles to trousseau in six months; but thanks to my mother and her unparalleled organisational skills everything was done well in time, in fact everything was ready by September.

There were glitches of course, but which wedding is complete without something to drive you out of your mind? That is what makes our weddings crazy. But I will keep the details for later, in the posts to come.

I hope you would like reading about my experience, as much as I’d love sharing it!

Much love,

Keep a look out for her story on: 

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  1. Brides from across the country regardless of community and cast should have stories like this! Kerala brides, kannada brides and hindu brides—Believe in the story written for you!


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