Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Mehendi, but hate the designs?

I went to Mcleoganj recently (which you would know if you follow me on twitter) and right outside the Dalai Lama Temple I saw this Tibetan girl with a butterfly mehendi tattoo on the side of her hand. It wasn't the kind of butterfly your normal mehendi wala would make, it was certainly artistic and made we wonder if I could find some inspiration for mehendi designs that don't look like squibbles.

I love this one. Its like Nail art without being nail art.
Perfect for the girl who hates mehendi but everyone insists she should get some done since her sister/bff is getting married.
( To my BFF, even if I would have had this idea earlier, this would have still not applied at my wedding you would still have to get your whole hand done!)

If you do this in the front could it replace a necklace?

Next Karva Chaut I am getting this!

Armlet style!

I went the complete traditional way in my wedding, what about you? 

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