Monday, September 29, 2014

Wedding related Exhibition October 2014

Like last month here is a little advice for you :

The advantage of going to an exhibition which is not a huge international event is that you get to meet smaller, younger designers who have a different and unique take on things, so if you are looking for something 'different' then visiting such exhibition can be beneficial!

Here is a list of few exhibition happening in Delhi, October, 2014 :

Date: 1st October
Venue: The Lalit, CP

Exhibition by Ru Ba Ru
Date: 1st October
Venue: Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

The Pink Champagne Show
Date: 4th October
Venue: Eros, Nehru Place

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Facebook Question : Which song is the best for the bride to walk in on!?

I went onto Facebook last week and asked you guys 
Which song is the best for the bride to walk in on!? (except Din Shagna Da  )
Here are some of the replies :

Love this song

Oooh lovely!! 
I walked also walked on a Jodhaa Akbar song : 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Talk! Wedding Madness, Bride-to-be HelpLine, and Random Stuff

Are you about to get married??
Are you a nervous wreak?
Are you excited?
You just don't know yet?

Well I didn't really realize what the whole 'marriage' stuff was or what that huge celebration that left a big dent in my dad's wallet really meant till much much later! I think even after almost 2 years there are days when I can't believe what just happened!

Well girly if the D-day is about to arrive I am sure you are experiencing so many emotions that you can't really embrace them all, and  if you are anything like me, you have pretty much gone numb because if you start paying attention to all those thoughts and emotions you would be crying, laughing and getting angry all at the same time; something like a million PMS at one moment kind off stuff.

Monday, September 22, 2014

WISHLIST : Winter 2014

Winter will soon be on our heads, and I have soooo many weddings and events to attend! (yay!!)
Here is a list of things I wish to have with me/things that inspire me. this winters!!


Nail Art :

That Body! :

 Big Bouncy Hair!

Indian Wear :

Jewelry : 


Western Wear :

What are some of your favorites things this coming winters?? 

Want to share pictures?
 Send them to and get featured on the blog!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indian wear Inspiration : Sonam Kapoor

Love her or Hate her, you have to admit she has style!

Here are some pictures of her which you can use as style inspiration for your own trousseau ! 
Do Notice the Makeup and Hair in each picture!!

^ You do know I make similar type of Saree's right!? Just saying.... #ShamelessPlugIn

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

(Attn Groom) Exclusive Ready-To-Wear A/W 2014 Collection from Grasim

Press Note
‘John’s Line’

Grasim launches John’s Line Autumn Winter 2014, the exclusive ready to wear collection from Grasim which is their most premium range of ready to wear garments.   

Like John Abraham, this collection exudes a superior sense of style and sophisticated taste.

A brand for the fashion forward, Grasim has created this collection keeping in mind preferences of the refined urban man.  From 100% cotton shirts and blended wool jackets in a variety of colours, casual Friday Blazer in shades of brown and deep blue & trousers in perfect navy, this collection is for the dressed up yet informal and relaxed look for the man of the season.   John’s Line from Grasim brings together these elegant styles in a palette of warm autumn colours.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Unusual Ways a Groom can Arrive at the Wedding!

We have discussed so much about the Bride, its about time the groom gets some time on this blog.

What happens when the Groom doesn't want to be traditional and come on a Ghoda (Horse). Here are some fun ways a groom can make his entrance!

1. Old Vintage Car : Will add such an amazing old world charm to your wedding, not to mention how amazing the pictures would come out!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Facebook Question : How Should a Bride Walk in on her Wedding Day??

I went onto Facebook last week and asked you guys how should a Bride walk in on her wedding day, 
and got some really good interesting advice!!

Here are they :

Me too!

That sounds really good!! Wish I had thought of that during my wedding! Love the idea!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Makeup Artist Delhi

OMG finding a makeup artist in Delhi is a nightmare, I guess that's true for most places as well! I was so sorted during my own wedding I knew who I wanted and booked her 6 months before, but this time for my brother's wedding I want to experiment with other artist and I don't want to spend a lot. Anything below 10k is ok for me.

My requirements for the Makeup Artist in Delhi are :
1. Should be able to travel to Noida.
2. Cost below 10k (per person)
3. Because it would be both me and my mom her makeup should be appropriate for both!
4. This time I want someone who can do innovative hairstyles.
5. Should make me look different enough from my own wedding, because I am repeating a lot of clothes the makeup and hair should be atleast different.

I have till now talked to :

Friday, September 5, 2014

Wedding File 3 : What will I wear to my Cousin's engagement, wedding and other functions!?

Here is what I am thinking for my cousin brother's engagement :

The same lehenga I wore for my own engagement except this time I will change the choli and get a navy blue brocade choli instead.  So it will be 3 colors. What do you think??

As for the Tilak, I am thinking my Vidai wali Saree :

It's like super heavy!

and for the wedding I plan to wear my phero-wali-saree :

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding File 3 : Cousin's Wedding!

I wrote a few weeks back in my 'OMG I am back' post that another one of my brother is getting married, well he is my first cousin, which means its a close family wedding!

We just had his Roka a month back in 'Awad', Ashoka. It was a small family event, everyone was dressed in not-so-heavy and yet not-so-light clothes, if that makes sense. This is what my mom, my nani and I wore :

I have also worn this saree lehenga-style before, for my Father-in-laws birthday :

Link Within

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