Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Talk! Wedding Madness, Bride-to-be HelpLine, and Random Stuff

Are you about to get married??
Are you a nervous wreak?
Are you excited?
You just don't know yet?

Well I didn't really realize what the whole 'marriage' stuff was or what that huge celebration that left a big dent in my dad's wallet really meant till much much later! I think even after almost 2 years there are days when I can't believe what just happened!

Well girly if the D-day is about to arrive I am sure you are experiencing so many emotions that you can't really embrace them all, and  if you are anything like me, you have pretty much gone numb because if you start paying attention to all those thoughts and emotions you would be crying, laughing and getting angry all at the same time; something like a million PMS at one moment kind off stuff.

There might be fights/arguments happening in the family or between both the family which you feel you are getting dragged into, just stay a long way away from those! Don't take sides because once you agree to take those 7 phera's both sets of parents are yours! So let the parents handle some stuff out on there own!

Is work along with wedding prep getting you down? Try and take a break from both of them for a couple of days, trust me you won't be wasting your time, if you just relax for a couple of days you can get back to all the madness with more passion once your mind is refreshed!

I met a Bride-to-Be a few months age and we spent the entire conversation (a good 20-30 min.) sharing her general frustration about everything that's happening wedding related, how finding a good MUA is a pain, how families with different cultural backgrounds don't get along, why we still follow mundane traditions, etc. etc.

She wasn't upset infact like any other Bride-to-be she was more than happy to be the center of all these events! But what we concluded was that, what she really needed was someone to just listen to her issues and problems and frustrations without judging.

While we can share almost anything at all with our friends and family there are times when we just want to complain about a family member to someone, without really meaning any of the words! and you can't really say that to your friends what if they don't understand....what if they really think that you meant what you said, while you were just frustrated at the moment, you don't want to be judged or create a bad image of any of your family members!

But if you talk to a complete stranger about these issues it doesn't really make much of a difference because if its a random strangers chances are you would never meet that person ever again, and you don't have to worry about what 'image' has been created about you/your family in there mind.

What the result of this was that she and I both felt there is a need for a Bridal Helpline! Where a bride can simply call/email and let her frustration out! Whether its to complain about her in-laws or the decorator! Let me know what your thoughts are on this!

And in the mean time if you really need to vent out stuff you know you can always reach me on

Anyways thats about it, I just felt like randomly talking to you guys today :)

Btw I made a video about the Types of Guys You Meet in an Arranged Marriage a few week backs, thought you guys might like it, have a look :

Find more of my video's here :

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  1. That's a great idea Roli. I myself am going through all this for the past few months. Me and the man are fighting almost everyday, I am getting so irritated at small things, and we ultimately fight. I do not know why this is happening all of a sudden. I actually feel like sharing my frustration and asking other brides-to-be if they are going through the same, it actually helps to calm down when you know that it is natural.


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