Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding File 3 : Cousin's Wedding!

I wrote a few weeks back in my 'OMG I am back' post that another one of my brother is getting married, well he is my first cousin, which means its a close family wedding!

We just had his Roka a month back in 'Awad', Ashoka. It was a small family event, everyone was dressed in not-so-heavy and yet not-so-light clothes, if that makes sense. This is what my mom, my nani and I wore :

I have also worn this saree lehenga-style before, for my Father-in-laws birthday :

Its kind of difficult to see, like an idiot I forgot to take any full length pictures, but if you notice there are no normal pleats in the front, just tiny pleats all around. You can do this with any saree, all you need is patience and a LOT of safety pins, if you want I will do a post or a video on it!

My soon to be bhabhi wore an Anarkali and really nice heavy earrings!

So now I have 2 weddings to prepare for! help me! I don't want to wear saree's and I don't want to repeat lehenga's since both the weddings are really close by :/


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