Friday, August 31, 2012

Sale Alert !

Meena Bazaar, Sector 18 Noida

Sale is about to finish! Great place for light suits, the kinds you will need to wear the initial few days specially if your living with in-laws.!

Price range for a good decent ghar ka suit is less 1500/- to 2500/- (in sale)
and good Anarkali's 4000- and onward

If your sister or friend is looking for a light lehenga to wear for your mehendi or other functions then there are some good ones there as well, not so much for the bride though.

Stock keeps changing so you should keep a lookout.

A definite 'must' for light ghar kay suits.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Found a new shop for Saree Trousseau shopping!!

Perfection in South Ex ( Part 2 I think, the one that has bengali sweets) has really great stuff! A must check out if your looking for the latest Saree's.

Most shops just have 'Sabyasachi' inspired Saree's but this shop has the latest wear from Anamika Khanna, Pallavi Jaikrishan, Tarun Tahiliani, you name it and its there!

If your looking for Saree's that qualify as 'bling' and yet not on the face, Something that will look girlish and modern you must visit this place.

They have this beutiful lehenga-Saree in a lovely yellow, *sigh* I just don't have a occasion to wear it, but amazing stuff.

Won't recommend it much for Mother-of-the-bride, but a definite visit for the girls.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A must thing before your wedding

Go on a holiday!

I know most of you will plan that, with your friends or fiance. But what is most important is to plan a holiday with your family. 

Post marriage you will be a part of a big huge extended family, so better to go when you can, just you, your parents and your siblings.

Do whatever you wish to! and make sure all wedding talks are off the table.

Our preferred pre-wedding trip to : Udipur and Jaipur,  All 5 days of the trip we talked about everything except the wedding.

Shilpgram in Udipur,
They have tiny huts made all around the  area exactly how earlier people used to live in older time

You can also Learn Pottery!!

The parks there also have tiny monuments made.....this was a library inside a huge park

View from the Udipur Palace

Old Cars at the car museum, they serve great thali's there at lunch and dinner 

Udipur palace

Light and Sound show at Udipur


Oh, I did shop a bit ;P

Jaipur palace

Carriage, anyone?! 
Shopped a bit in the palace shops

Snake charmer outside the Jaipur palace

Hawa Mahal, nothing really to see in it just the exterior

Chowki Dani, Jaipur
Chwoki Dani, The Most fun part of the trip

Shooting, archery, bowling, basketball, everything was there

Wrestling, Indian style!

I won at Snakes and Ladder!! :D
Its life size, so you have to move around

Also we sat on the old style ferry wheels, bullock cart, saw dances, visited the palmist, got cards read by the parrot astrologer! went into a maze! Got spooked from an old forests!

Dinner with live entertainment, Raja style

Nobody except me liked the food, so cant comment on that

Got Mehendi put lastly :D

All Brides-to-be, I advice you very strongly to go on a vacation with your family, even if its for 2 days. Just do go before the wedding!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I went shopping yesterday for my mom's Saree  and brought a lot of makeup instead :P

Here are the nail paints from colorbar...

Its all double coat, and sorry if its badly applied but was in a hurry to see the colors , plus cant apply a lot trousseau stuff you see

and the 6th one :D

Got a LOT of stuff from Mac too, plus learnt how to apply it as well!! review coming soon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Real Brides: Pictures, Part 1

I dont know who you are girls or who the photographer is, but love your pictures!

hahaha,,, dont try this at home!!
Rock, Paper, scissor...
I just realised I dont have pictures of our rings

Post will be in parts since I keep finding pictures I like :D

Sorry if any one is offended on the use of these pictures, please note these are of no commercial use, incase the photographer or people in the pictures want it to be removed, please comment below or write in to me will do so immediately.

Buying Luggage

Trust me you don't want to keep your new shiny clothes in a battered old suitcase. The best and economical thing to do is to buy them in sets.

And buy them when the sales are still on!

Although most of us would love to buy pink just remember the biggest suitcase will be carried by your boy when you travel later. How about neutral colored luggage and maybe a pinkish/girlish cabin baggage which you can carry.

See boy and girl bags

Why do affordable brands not have this??

Love this shape ! so unusual.

And how about accessories for the bag??...

This is a luggage locator, so in case on the airport luggage strip you cant figure out which and where your bag is then simply click the remote in your pocket and it will call out to you!

As an Indian Bride you will probably have way more luggage that 3 bags won't be enough. 

My advice :
Send most of your stuff before hand in cardboard boxes. During the Sagai/Tilak when your stuff is 'suppose' to go send 2 of your fancy suitcases then and keep the small one to take with you on the wedding day.

Fill the small bag which you will take on the wedding day with all essentials that you will need immediately the next day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maid of honor and Bridesmaid : At an Indian Wedding

An Indian Wedding does not have a maid of honor or bridesmaid per say.

 What we do have is a huge group of sisters and crazy friends.

Why Should you and What should you appoint your sisters/friends for

No, I am not talking about everyone wearing the same clothes and looking symmetrical. However nice it might look in an Christian Wedding, an Indian wedding needs those bright colorful hues. 

For All the fun

Sister's are way better than brothers at a wedding. They know the right thing to say, the right thing to do. 
They will defiantly keep you entertained while you wait for the Baraat. (Brother's would just end up talking about cricket scores)
They are the best to dance with you and for you at the Sangeet.


Your mom will be extremly busy the whole time, and the last minute fixes and errors will happen no matter what. 

Sisters and friends are the only one that will be with you at your service, you need them!!

Make sure at least 2 of them know exactly where the emergency kit it and what it has.

Behind the Scene Pictures

You dont always need a candid photographer around. The girls can do a pretty much good job, specially for all the behind the scene moments. Thanks to social networking sites most of us are pretty ok with amature photography. 

Plus more the camera's the better.

Makeup Fixes

For every tiny thing you cant get off stage and go to the green room.

On my engagement I got the silvery thing (that's on top of barfi) stuck on my lipstick, my sisters and friends surrounded me in a circle and helped me remove it on stage! and nobody could see a thing ;)

Handy Stuff

You cant carry a purse or clutch at your own wedding, it looks really funny.

So what to do next..hmm..although every single person you would like to call on you wedding day would anyways meet you there, you still need your phone around. Its a life line.

You can easily hand it over to your bestest girl.


This one is actually the best thing your brother can do. 
Get stuff send to your green room. 
My cousin got married a few months back and we both gorged on 2 huge plates of snacks in the green room with my brother before the Baraat had come.

Admit it you'll be nervous already why do you want to be hungry along with that. Eating something while sitting on the stage is pretty much a no-no because every eye will be on you and its just very uncomfortable to do so.

Here is a thing you can ask your sisters to do : 

On the engagement, When we finished with the ring exchange and pictures, we were walking among guest, I got my sisters to give me bites of whatever they were eating, this way I got to try almost everything and still didn't have to hold a paneer tikka in a tissue paper

Keep the Lehenga looking pretty

They are the one that will fluff your lehenga before you walk down. They are the one that will hold it up the dirty bits.

See she needed her sister too
And a million more things...

You dont know what you will need at the last minute, maybe its just a simple chat or a quick bite you need your girls around!

Even though we don't have 'bridesmaids' or 'maid-of-honor', we have something better...sisters...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Wedding Update : In double digits now!

We have entered double digit and both sides are on definite action mode.

Shopping, cards, decor finalization, everything is no longer on the research tab its down to hard core finalization.

My Pre-bridal starts soon. Exercise (Yoga) is more of a routine now.

Million tiny details are left, need to get all my regular stuff (shampoo, toothbrush,etc. etc.) organised.

Have to find the perfect nail paint for the wedding. ( any suggestions)

Have to start collecting my makeup stuff from the list written here

Still have to find a baju band, have gotten pretty much everything on the 16 singar list

*phew* so much tiny things to do, I guess all these little stuff will go on till the wedding day.

By the way did I tell you guys I am banned from my honeymoon destination decision. I ended up changing the place every few hours, so now the whole trip is a surprise for me. Which I guess is good in a way, one less thing to worry about :P , only know I dont know what to shop....hmmm...

Must Read for Grooms :Shout out to Another Bridal Blogger

A must Read for all Groom-to-be
(well actually a must for all brides-to-be to get there respective 'boys' to read it)

The Indian Grooms Dilemma : To Propose or Not to Propose

Link Within

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