Monday, August 13, 2012

List of Makeup Trousseau

I know I have been out of scene for a while, so busy shopping!!

I had to make this list for myself, might as well do it online and share with you all.

Tiny Tip: Buy Makeup as close to the wedding month as you can without freaking out. Makeup lasts upto 6 months, so plan accordingly.

I am guilty of using products more than a year old, I know its unhealthy for the skin. But how can I throw out all those pretty eye-shadows and lip colors :( 

I would buy my stuff around 2 months in advance. ( don't want to leave anything for the last month)

What I am Buying :

1. Foundation : Day and Night

I prefer no foundation at all during day time.

Love my Pond's golden radiance cream so much that find that great as a day foundation and also a a great base for makeup. (It doesn't really give any sort of coverage but is really good for giving the skin a beautiful 'glow' )

Left to Right : Night Cream, Day Creme (smaller bottle), Facewash, Day Cream (Bigger bottle), and Serum

Absolutely love the day creme.
The night creme has a little more gold 'particles' , I used it for my engagement on my hands and they sparkled in the light :D , in a really pretty way.

If you really really want a day foundation then try Maybelline bb cream.

I didn't know before but they actually come in 3 different shades so make sure you take the one that matches your skin tone.

Night Foundation

Ofcourse if its just dinner out with family I would still prefer my bb cream to get me through it, but if its a family function or something that you have to get properly ready for, then we do need a good solid coverage foundation.

I prefer Mac products for that.
The Sales girls are pretty good and give a great recommendation. I took a trial once and it looked almost as if they had literally taken my own skin color and put it on me.

Not sure if this was the one she used on me. Still have to buy. Do listen to what the SA tells you!

I have been using L'oreal in the past, which is pretty good as well.

That's the one I have been using, it has got me through college years, numerous fashion weeks and store launches . Never had any complains. Friends actually said my skin looks great in it. 

I would personally buy Mac, its a wedding thing : you should buy the best that you can.
Not sure if L'oreal is better, or Mac is. Not really an expert on that, so shall not comment. But have read up a lot and people recommend Mac more.

2. Concealer and Eclat


I don't really need a concealer *touch wood*.  (thats what a lot of people tell me)
But its better to have one right?!
They are the best at hiding dark circles after late nights, no?!
I am planing on asking the Mac SA only to tell me which one.
Should the Concealer match the foundation or something??
Need Help on this one.

Not sure what to do with it, people say it helps in brightening up your skin in a minute if put right. I put it on once and ya it helps in giving you an instant 'fresh' look.

YSL's the best. want it!!
Anybody knows the price??

3. Blush

Neutral and Peach/Pink
I will probably end up buying something neutral, which gives a slight 'flushed' look.

4. Eye Stuff : Eye Shadow, Eye liner, Kajal, Mascara

Eye Shadow

Chances are your in-laws have already, or plan to, give you an eye shadow palette.

If so (and you still want to buy) then buy what your pretty sure that you will wear.

I am only getting a neutral palette. In-laws have given me all colors possible.

I have been using this one for ages and its probably the only eye shadow that I managed to finish!
Who am I kidding I am pretty sure I will end up buying another palette which has blues, greens and pinks in it :D

Eyeliner and Kajal

I am getting Lakme eye artist and Incolor kajals.

Read reviews here :
and kajal swatches here


If you have seen the research I have done on the kajal (read review link above) then let me assure you I have done an equal amount of research on Mascara's. Will write about it if I get time.

My conclution of years of research has lead me to :

Maybelline Colossal Mascara

It actually gives you longer, thicker eye lashes. Try it!!

5. Lipsticks, Lipgloss and Lip liners


I read somewhere that a few people where confused with what colors work for them. Nowdays you get pretty cheap lip color palette from good brands like Lakme and all. Try that out if your confused about which color suits you.

I did too, but have actually gone back to the best way to figure out different lipcolors. Mom's makeup box.

Will be buying: Pinkish and redish shade.
Probably : Loreal 702 and the new l'oreal infallible range. ( Need a non-tranfarable lipstick. Heard these are the best)


Defiantly need my neutrals in this! and a pretty shade of pink.

Will buy: I have this really nice neutral Mac and a pink Loreal shade 200

L'oreal 200

Lip Liners

Same color as the lipsticks and gloss ofcourse to make sure they don't spill out!!


And ofcourse Loads of makeup brushes!!
I generally use my fingers for blending but defiantly still need a set of brushes!


Let me know if I missed out anything!!??


I love reading what you have to say :)

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