Thursday, August 9, 2012

Incolor Swatches : Kajal of my choice

Before I begin please note I am not a beauty blogger, this is more or less my experience with things that have worked for me. (well actually don't beauty bloggers also put up there own personal experiance?! ....hmm...must think)

Anways you probably read my whole Blog Banter on different Kajals here .

If you didn't, well long story short in my experience of around 8 years of wearing kajal (just calculated that didnt realise I have been putting kajal for that long) my prefered brand know is Incolor.

Just got my First Makeup product for my Bridal Trousseau :

Incolor kajal's in every color possible!!
Although later I realized I forgot Black

Left to Right : Sky Blue, Gold, Sea-Green, Silver, Smoky Grey, Purple, Army Green

The colors might very slightly differ, need to start using a better camera for the blog.
Sorry couldn't put on bigger swatches, its for the trousseau so couldn't really use them. But just had to show you guys!

For people who have got incolor kajal's or plan to buy them tiny tip :

They are waterproof and last all day long without spilling.

However, by the end of an 8 hour day you might find a thin line outside your normal kajal applying area. No, not panda eye style, just a thin spill over at the end of the day.

Please remove this with a good makeup remover or else you will defiantly wake up with panda eyes.

What do I do :

I use Kara Makeup remover wipes to remove at night.

Sometimes I don't do a good job with it, so wake up with some kajal spill. I remove that using an ear bud coated with cold cream and gently wipe near my kajal applying area to get absolutely clear eyes.

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