Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buying Luggage

Trust me you don't want to keep your new shiny clothes in a battered old suitcase. The best and economical thing to do is to buy them in sets.

And buy them when the sales are still on!

Although most of us would love to buy pink just remember the biggest suitcase will be carried by your boy when you travel later. How about neutral colored luggage and maybe a pinkish/girlish cabin baggage which you can carry.

See boy and girl bags

Why do affordable brands not have this??

Love this shape ! so unusual.

And how about accessories for the bag??...

This is a luggage locator, so in case on the airport luggage strip you cant figure out which and where your bag is then simply click the remote in your pocket and it will call out to you!

As an Indian Bride you will probably have way more luggage that 3 bags won't be enough. 

My advice :
Send most of your stuff before hand in cardboard boxes. During the Sagai/Tilak when your stuff is 'suppose' to go send 2 of your fancy suitcases then and keep the small one to take with you on the wedding day.

Fill the small bag which you will take on the wedding day with all essentials that you will need immediately the next day.

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