Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Wedding Update : In double digits now!

We have entered double digit and both sides are on definite action mode.

Shopping, cards, decor finalization, everything is no longer on the research tab its down to hard core finalization.

My Pre-bridal starts soon. Exercise (Yoga) is more of a routine now.

Million tiny details are left, need to get all my regular stuff (shampoo, toothbrush,etc. etc.) organised.

Have to find the perfect nail paint for the wedding. ( any suggestions)

Have to start collecting my makeup stuff from the list written here

Still have to find a baju band, have gotten pretty much everything on the 16 singar list

*phew* so much tiny things to do, I guess all these little stuff will go on till the wedding day.

By the way did I tell you guys I am banned from my honeymoon destination decision. I ended up changing the place every few hours, so now the whole trip is a surprise for me. Which I guess is good in a way, one less thing to worry about :P , only know I dont know what to shop....hmmm...


  1. I was also eventually thrown out of honeymoon planning, cos I kept scrutinizing every itinerary item. Except for the destination, rest all is a surprise!

  2. aww good luck with everything girl! :) If you want, you can check out my blog to see some of my bridal jewelry and engagement lehenga :) its

    1. Thanks!!

      Saw ur engagement lehenga! its so pretty!!

      Hope we get to see the wedding lehenga soon!!


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